Friendships That Work

Amazing post, by an amazing, kind-hearted, beautiful lady whom I’m proud to call my best friend for over 12 years. 💜



As we get older, we are told that we will lose friends, but I would like to counter and say that we amass friendships that better our souls. I’ve gone through the stage where I have surrounded myself with people who were just acquaintances, and that is a lonely place to be. I was discouraging relationships that impacted me in a positive way for one’s that made me feel like the popular girl (which was not the case from k-12). I lost myself in my please-everybody stage because I did not like myself. I hated who I was because of my past and I felt like everybody could sense that I would end up like my mother. I thought my closest friends could sense that I was useless and damned for a life of eternal poverty.

I grew up poor in friendships because I made it that way. 

I did not want…

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