How to Take Action for Success

One of the best ways to start your day, or to start off your week in a good note is to listen to some of the best motivational speeches from the most inspiring, successful speakers.

I have incorporated these into my daily routine for many years now and I truly believe it has trained my brain into always pushing myself out of my comfort zone, to always go after what I believe in/ want, to never make excuses for my own actions and to never blame my circumstances for my misfortunes.

I think we all need daily reminders to take chances, that it is okay to make mistakes and to always get back up when things have not gone the way you want them to be. It is discouraging to not be where you want to be, but never stay at that state of mind, always keep moving forward and most importantly ENJOY the process. Nobody can guarantee your success or your path, only you have the power.

Success can have so many different meanings for so many different people. I think that’s the beauty of it – we all have different things to offer to this world. Don’t worry about the competition or what others are doing – you and the person next to you didn’t come on this earth to accomplish the same things. You have a different gift than the person next to you.

You are truly a miracle and have so much to offer. If that doesn’t encourage you, then think of it scientifically; your DNA is the most unique out of billions out there! You are extraordinary and are meant to be here. You have something to give back to this world, and if you don’t take action today, then who knows what we all miss out on and could have gotten from your gifts. Your potential is so much greater than you think. What’s the prize? I think human beings are naturally driven and meant for success. We are not meant to lay around and do nothing, we are meant to take action and create opportunities.

Your future self is counting on you and I am rooting for you!

Some of my favorite speakers are Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, Wayne Dyer and Tony Robbins.

If you haven’t watched Tony Robbins’ movie “I am Not Your Guru” on Netflix, I would highly suggest that you consider it. It is amazing and puts into perspective of how so many people struggle with so many different things and that you should always be grateful. Warning: keep tissues handy.

Thank you for reading!  Here’s another video, if you are feeling up to it

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“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you are right.” – Henry Ford


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