How to Stop Doing What is Easy

Over the years, I always wanted the moment to come where things weren’t as hard and I didn’t have as many problems. I wanted to reach my full “happiness” like everybody else does. Now I have realized, I was looking at life the wrong way. I changed my perspective and now I understand that happiness isn’t just one moment in the future and life doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger.

I also realized I have greatness in me as does every other individual on this planet. It is how you choose to use your greatness that will yield the best results.

To create a new life for yourself requires patience, persistence and being resilient. It’s never going to be easier. Achievements and failures go hand in hand. But it’s not all bad, because I truly believe the life that is waiting for us is exciting as well as the moment we have now. Being fearless is actually exhilarating. Believing in yourself is part of self-compassion and knowing you are worth so much more is exciting. You cannot help others until you help yourself and you cannot love others until you love yourself. Keep doing things everyday, small or big, to achieve in becoming a better version of yourself. You are an amazing person now, and can become even more astonishing each day you keep trying and you keep hustling your way into your dreams and goals. Don’t forget, we are all waiting on you!

As a finance major graduate, my mind tends to see my process as an investment process. Such as, when you initially invest in a company and have to make improvements on it in order to yield higher returns, you can get caught up wanting for the end results to happen. It is easy to start being impatient, but you have to wait it out. In the process you can’t get discouraged when things don’t go the right way. The end results are waiting for you as long as you do something each day to get one step closer. Michael Phelps didn’t have an overnight win. It was with the help of small wins everyday that got him where he is today. He pushed through his comfort zone, had the mind over matter attitude and celebrated his small wins. It is crucial that each time you have a small win that you celebrate that win. This trains your brain into thinking it is doing something good, and that it wants you to do it again. And small accomplishments over time yield bigger results.

If you cannot grow each day, you cannot become your best self that is possible for you. If you cannot be your best self, then you are belittling yourself of what is possible for you. You still have time. Never give up on yourself and your future. Don’t ever settle for a basic life. I truly believe we were born into this life with a purpose and we were born to succeed. Take inventory of yourself every day, write it down — what can you do differently? Find time to better yourself every day. I want you to leave this earth with a positive impact. I want you to know that because you were born, we are all blessed with your gifts.

I challenge all of you to keep fighting to find your purpose on this planet. Something that is challenging, stimulating, fulfilling and inspiring. I also challenge you to figure out your why. This will help you figure out your purpose. Your why should have your passion embedded in it. Your why should make you want it so bad that you HAVE to have it. It should make you emotional because if you don’t have or do this one thing, then you will forever feel incomplete.

This life truly is so beautiful and one of the best advice’s I have ever gotten is that we owe it to the other 95% who are less unfortunate than us living in the U.S. to become massively successful in order to be in power to help.

Now go take that walk like the champion I know you are. All things are possible and you are so loved.


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Thanks for reading and see you next time!


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“One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.” – Paul Coelho


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