The Point Of Life Is To Be A Constant Learner

When you realize that there is no such thing as failure as a constant learner is when you experience life in a new depth….

Failure is often seen as only a disappointment, but in reality, it is a new way of growth. Without failures you wouldn’t grow in the rate that you did and wouldn’t have a better perspective about your future endeavors.

Don’t ever get discouraged, and always see failure as an opportunity to become better.

To inspire you to keep learning way past your college degree:

Warren Buffett reads at least 5 hours a day, Bill Gates reads one book per week and Oprah’s obsessed with books. Successful people = lifetime learners.

Many people think learning stops once you graduate from school, but in reality, the most significant learning happens right after. Stop making excuses and stop being lazy. You are worth so much more. What differentiates you and the most successful is how disciplined you are. Embrace discipline or be complacent and average while others are working towards their dreams. We all came to this world to achieve something that has meaning to us and meaning to our community.

Keep learning, keep pushing and keep being compassionate toward others. It’s never going to be easier, so stop taking the easy way out because you are just prolonging the process.

If you know what your life work is, then I highly suggest that you start doing that now. If you are unsure and need to figure it out — don’t worry, most of us still are trying to figure it out. As long as you keep trying and experimenting with new activities, you will get there!

I believe one way to become successful is to devote each day of five to ten minutes of seeing yourself being successful.

Challenging yourself and constantly learning something new actually builds a new pathway in your brain to improve your memory. When we expose our brains to new intellectual challenges, we not only improve our mental fitness, but our brain actually grows. So, don’t every settle in a job that is not constantly challenging you because whether you realize it or not, your job is messing with your health.

*Be a visionary, be a dreamer and always stay humble.*

Thanks for reading.

xx, Ozzy

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“The more you learn, the more you earn.” – Warren Buffet  


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