"The strongest action for a woman is to love herself, be herself and shine amongst those who never believed she could."

How To Be More Compassionate

How to be more compassionate

Love Triumps Evil

The other day, I couldn’t get my mind off of what happened in Manchester, UK and I wanted to send some type of love by writing this post. My heart goes out to all of those who have lost a loved one and I pray that you will all be okay. Although, this isn’t the only attack we have seen, it’s one that really is getting so many people together to show that love and good triumphs evil. Yes, it is not fair that bad things happen and hate takes over some people, but never stay bitter for this reason. Always push through and motivate yourself to be the good in the world. Give out more love than you receive and know that it will all be okay. Always have love for our humankind and to this planet because it’s the only one we got. Give what you can and appreciate everything you have. This life is so precious, so incredible, and so full of extraordinary miracles. We are all so loved by this planet and we can all give back in many ways. One simple way that doesn’t cost you anything monetarily is compassion.

We are all lucky to be alive, but none of our lives are promised to us, and we have to live each day like a miracle that it is. One of the main reasons I started my blog is because if it can help at least one person, then I have accomplished the goal I have put upon myself. Never underestimate the effect you may have just on one single person. Compassion and giving out love starts only with helping one person at a time. Share what you can and know that just by being your natural self, you are giving back so much more than you know. Someone appreciates and loves you so much and at the end of the day what matters most, as cliched and overused as it is, is that love is all that  matters. What you own, where you live or what your job is not nearly as important as the people who you surround yourself with. The amount of love you may or may not radiate is all that matters. Small gestures of love is all around us if you just pay close attention and once you notice it and realize that it truly is amazing. I encourage you to give your mom, dad, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, friend, or a stranger a hug because you might not know how much they need it and how much they would appreciate it.

Giving back is one way to practice compassion. Not only does giving back help others, but it also helps your core and your soul. Compassion for yourself and for the world is the most beautiful part of this life. Small acts of kindness can multiply to become huge, never underestimate it. Compassion, therefore, is the most powerful tool we all have to utilize and take action into making our beautiful world even a better place for all.

Thank you for reading. Have a blessed day everyone.

xx, Ozzy

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“How you make others feel about themselves, says a lot about you.” – Unknown

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