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New Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipsticks Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills matte lipstick review

Today’s review is on the new matte lipsticks by Anastasia Beverly Hills. I think they did a great job with their liquid lipsticks with an amazing formula. In my opinion, the liquid lipsticks are better than any other ones out there, but these new matte lipsticks were pretty disappointing.

I originally did not want to do this review after finding out how much I did not like these lipsticks, but quickly found out that there is not many reviews out there and I need to help a girl out! I checked YouTube and the only reviews on it really were the people who got it as a PR package with all the 30 shades. None of them seemed to say anything negative about it, which perhaps because it was free for them and they did not want to ruin the partnership.

Since there are not many reviews on it, I wanted to save anyone the trouble of buying these without knowing what to expect. Obviously after you read my review, you are entitled to your own opinion and if you really want to try them then you do you, girl!

anastasia beverly hills matte lipstick review

I bought 9 of them myself and I plan on returning every single shade. I originally thought maybe I will keep the nudes, since they are more everyday colors, but I just couldn’t get past the texture and the formula.

ABH matte lipsticks review

Don’t get me wrong, these colors are beautiful. I really did want to like them and I was super excited when they arrived at my house. But I can’t get passed the dryness. They are CRAZY, unmanageable amounts of matte.  It was so hard to apply on my lips. I really had to use my muscles…TO PUT ON A LIPSTICK. They make your lips look extra dry as well. The one thing that really did it for me and made me not want to keep them is the inner part of your lip would not get any color on it no matter what. Usually the inner part of your lips is more wet and hard to apply lip color there, but these would not show any color at all. I am okay with applying the lipstick and then the color slowly fading, but it wouldn’t even apply in the first place!

ABH matte lipstick review

You can see from my swatches that they were really hard to apply! You can also see how broken these are. I think there are so many better products and brands out there that you can replicate the same colors with if you really liked a particular shade from this line. I don’t think these are worth your money.

Don’t get me wrong, I think ABH products are amazing, but I am starting to think they are a hit or miss type of brand. Again, just my opinion on it. Or maybe I am just not having any luck with it.

Hope you guys got some insight with this review and hopefully my next review will be more positive!

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2 Responses to “New Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipsticks Review”

  1. Love, Angela

    Oh no, that is so disappointing! I love ABH products usually but I can just tell from the swatches on your arm that they would be hard to work with. I feel like they really missed the mark with these lipsticks and the subculture palette (I’m yet to try them myself, but a almost every review I’ve read has been terrible).


    • memoallure

      Yeah 😦 I’m sure if you really liked them you could work with it but I just couldn’t get myself to be okay with these products! I haven’t tried the palette myself either and not sure if I really want to anymore.



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