"The strongest action for a woman is to love herself, be herself and shine amongst those who never believed she could."

The Best Way to Change the World is to Change Yourself

Motivation for laziness

Your weakness can be your strength. It’s not easy to accept that nor is it easy to see in the moment of struggles. Your misfortunes and weakness’ build character and build a new height of strength — a new level of you. Pain is temporary. Like most things in life. You can get through it by pushing your limits every day to become the most resilient human being you can be.

Focus on where you are and what’s important to you. Yes, life isn’t guaranteed to you and you never know if you will make it to tomorrow, but it is also important to realize that things don’t get built overnight. Life is a repeated events of new seasons, new days, new experiences, new feelings, new beginnings and a new day to accomplish your biggest dream. So, enjoy the journey because each day is a different day to get closer to changing the world. And remember, winning is a process.

How do you change? Well, you change by being persistently bigger than your feelings, your fears, your excuses. Stop being your biggest challenge. Nobody else is going to accomplish or understand what you are meant to do in this lifetime. Stay hungry.

I emphasize on morning routines mainly due to the fact that I love to take charge of my day instead of the day controlling me. By waking up early, I get to CHOOSE how I feel for the day and not vice versa. Morning routines are crucial to your success and to your growth. By waking up early, you are one step ahead than most people and you prove to yourself that you have standards for you and your precious life.

Look at your game plan and start giving it all you got. Remember, life isn’t guaranteed, no one is coming out alive…so stop letting your fears control you. The end result for this life is death, so why not make the in between the most meaningful experience you can. Be a legacy, be a role model, and most importantly be you. The future is unlimited and you have endless possibilities of what you can create.

Have a whatever it takes attitude – don’t surrender, keep fighting, you’re not losing this one. You’re a beast and you’re going to achieve everything you have ever imagined. You’re going to make that little girl/boy proud. You can do it.

I suggest going kickboxing/boxing sometime soon and repeat things in your head while you punch or kick harder. Tell yourself you are strong and you can accomplish anything and then punch even harder. This will trick your brain into really believing in yourself and letting you see that you are LIMITLESS.

If you can’t quite be your own motivator just yet, I am here for you. Even if you don’t believe in you — I do and I fully trust your process. You got this.

Happy #MotivationalMonday and if you are looking for more motivation, I would highly recommend you watch this video sometime this week!

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