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7 Eye Shadow Palettes I Own

the best palettes

Hi Guys,

Happy Friday and first day of September! I seriously cannot believe summer months are over šŸ˜¦ I am hoping we have a warm Fall. Also, I’m pretty excited for apple picking season and cider doughnuts šŸ™‚

Today, Ā I wanted to talk about some of the eye shadow palette’s I own and how I use them!

We’ll start with Urban Decay:

  1. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Ammo Shadow Box

This was my first palette ever! Do you guys remember this one?! It’s discontinued šŸ˜¦ I gave mine to my mom but now I kind of want it back to reminisce. Ah good old days when I first started getting into makeup. The green ‘mildew’ color was my go-to because even back then I knew green went well with brown eyes! But on the not-so-great-side, I loved matching my eye shadow to my outfit. I think I can confidently say we all did that. Why did we all think that was so amazing to do? Instead of actually matching colors to our complexion. Good ol’ days.

Urban Decay Discontinued Palette

2. Naked

I’ve had this one for so long! I’m sure you all own this as well. The shades ‘hustle’ and ‘toasted’ were my go-to everyday look for so long. This was a step up for me from the above shadows. Honestly, I would still use this today. What I loved about this palette as I was slowly beginning doing makeup is that it was easy to use. The colors all worked so well together and blended nicely. This is definitely a great beginners palette.

Urban Decay Naked Palette

3. Naked 2

I love this palette but initially I thought the range of colors were hard to work with. They didn’t seem to all work well together. The neutral colors in this palette are great though. I was obsessed with the shade YDK and really the only reason I bought this palette. I usually wet my brush with Fix+ and apply this one and it will NOT MOVE for the rest of the day. The thing with Urban Decay palettes is, yes, they are expensive, but they will last you forever. I bought the naked palettes years ago and I still use them.

the best palettes

4. Smoked

I don’t really reach out for this one too often as it is all very intense shades, but it’s great when you want to create a smoky eye. All of the colors, even if they look bright, come out really intense. This is definitely my go-to if I want intense eyes. This was a good palette to have when I was 21 šŸ™‚

the best palettes


5. Palette 9 Artist Shadow

I bought this one when they first came out I think 2 years ago and thought they were such fun colors. Before this, as you know by above, I did not have any crazy fun colors in my collection. Each line of shades are meant to go together and I think to create a full look, you need another palette to work with. I love the line of the dark purple and gold, every time I use it, it looks so nice and so professional when it was so easy to create.

the best palettes


6. Tartelette Palette

This one has such nice matte colors. It’s all browns and purples and great for everyday wear. Before this palette I felt like I didn’t have any matte palettes and figured I needed it in my collection. You can never go wrong with matte eye shadows šŸ™‚

the best palettes

Anastasia Beverly Hills

7. Modern Renaissance

I recently bought this and I am in love so far. It’s definitely hard to work with and is not really a beginners palette.Ā I wanted to get this because I don’t have any burnt orange shades and those colors work really well with a lot of looks. You can create a black smokey eye and add burnt orange color in the crease to add really nice depth to your eyes. This palette also does not look like any other palettes I own. Everyone’s out there getting the new subculture palette and I’m out here just getting this one. Honestly, I don’t really love the colors for their new palette and hearing that it has a lot of fall out and is hard to work with makes me not want it. If I didn’t love this palette, I wouldn’t deal with it. Like I said, this is hard to work with and does have a lot of fall out.

the best palettes

That is all from my current collection. I had another one from Smashbox but I let my mom borrow that!

Would be interested in what palette you guys think I should get next! Let me know in the comment’s below šŸ™‚

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Until next time,


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6 Responses to “7 Eye Shadow Palettes I Own”

  1. alattestyle

    Love the Naked 2 palette! At first I also didn’t really know how to work with them very well, but it’s gotten easier with time. Definitely will grab more often in the fall/winter seasons.



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