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Fall Bucket List – 30 Things to Do This Fall

Fall Bucket List

HAPPY FALL, everyone!

It is bitter sweet that our summer here in Boston is over, but there are so many beautiful things about fall to be excited about!

Currently, here in Boston, it is raining and all I want to do is lay in my bed with a warm apple cider and watch The Holiday. My all time favorite movie — it never gets old! What is your favorite movie? Would love to know!

Every year I made a summer bucket list but never really did for fall. I thought I would change things up and make one for fall this year. After making this list, I realized there are so many fun things to do in the fall! My friends and I always go apple picking every year, but I wanted to go beyond that and do more things this fall to enjoy the season fully 🙂 No fun in being on this earth if you can’t enjoy every single moment completely 🙂

The below is printable and you can cross it out each time you finish one from the list! If it’s not working for you, can also print it here.

The spiced bourbon recipe is here.

I will share with you guys some of the recipes on this list once I make it, and maybe we can go through the list together 🙂

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Here you have it — my bucket list for the fall/30 things to do this fall:

30 things to do this fall - fall bucket list

Print Fall Bucket List

Have a wonderful season and I hope you spend it with the people you love the most. Don’t forget to always remember that change is one of the most wonderful things that is gifted to us here on this earth — don’t ever be scared of it!

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