Guest Post by Hayley Beth: 5 Ways I Learnt to Live With My Anxiety

Hey guys, today I am doing something a little different and have a guest post by a fellow blogger. I want to say thank you again to Hayley for sharing this with us and I hope you guys get something from this. I can definitely relate to anxiety and hope how Hayley’s way of coping with anxiety is helpful for you all. xxoo

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Healthy Chewy Granola Bars

Chewy Granola Bars With Hemp Hearts

Hey there!

Coming at you guys with another hemp hearts recipe. If you don’t make any other recipe on my blog, make sure you make this one! It is one of my favorites and is such a great, filling snack!

Leave the packaged stuff behind and make it at home. Less processed and more delicious 🙂

chewy granola bars

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My Liebster Award & Nominees

I am excited to announce I was nominated the Liebster award by a fellow blogger. I am honored and humbled to know she thought highly of this space! Thank you to Our Front Door Look In Gin Blog for nominating me! Make sure to visit Sara’s page for delicious recipes! I am particularly excited to recreate this recipe! Simple and delicious. 🙂

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Drugstore Haul

Drug Store Makeup Haul – Fall 2017


I realize that the average girl doesn’t usually have all of the high end makeup products nor knows so much about them. Unlike myself, the average girl is good with one palette from a random drug store brand, a foundation and a mascara. Honestly, I envy you, your life is not full of clutter. On the other side, I can’t deny my love for makeup and yes, it is an obsession/addiction, but at least I get to share it with you guys and if something doesn’t work out for me, then you guys can know before purchasing it!

Drug store makeup can be great for anyone on a budget, but sometimes, if you purchase the wrong product, it can really be a waste of money. What I’m trying to say is — it can get real ugly, real quick!

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Fall Spotify Playlist

Fall Spotify Playlist – 2017

Hey there <3

If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have guessed that I am big into music. I love how songs can change someone’s attitude or mood within a few seconds and really make you get out of your head. On the contrary, if you ask me to sing a song along, I will, without fail, sing all of the lyrics wrong! 🙂

There are songs that make you feel happy and then there are songs that make you mellow and humble. My range of music I’m into is so diverse that it’s quite hard to explain what I like. I guess you could say I enjoy pop, hip-hop, country, and basically anything that sounds good to me!

On a side note – who loves watching The Voice? I am obsessed with that show! I don’t watch too much TV (more of a YouTube gal), but this show makes me cry every. single. dang. time. They just know how to get to my little heart and it’s so cute to see the artists going out and making their dreams become reality. <3 Continue reading “Fall Spotify Playlist – 2017”

How to Wake Up Early Using the 5 Seconds Rule

How to Wake Up Early Using the 5 Second Rule

Isn’t it such a shame we tend to wait to do things until we are “ready”. Let me break it to you (and to myself because I am a victim of this), you are never going to be ready to do anything. You just have to go for it. Good news: it is simple — but not easy.

Waking up early is something we all struggle with. I remember back in the days when I was in Middle/High School, I used to think “I can’t wait to be an adult so that I will never have to wake up early again.” Oh, how I wish I could speak to that little girl now and tell her that is not the case for adulthood. Continue reading “How to Wake Up Early Using the 5 Second Rule”

September Favorites

September Favorites – 2017

Hello everyone,

Thanks for visiting Memoallure!

I took a poll on Instagram last week and most of you voted for me to do this post, so here we are — what I’ve been loving for the month of September!

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Meditation for compassion

Guided Meditation for Compassion

I was up early Monday morning writing a blog post and decided to turn on the news, to my dismay, found out about the tragedy in Vegas. It was so disheartening and sickening to see how many people were affected by this horrible man. I can only imagine what the people affected felt and faced. It’s probably a memory they will never be able to wipe away.

I wanted to share this meditation with you because sometimes when you feel like you are in a situation where you want to help and wish you could do something but don’t have too many options to act other than give your heart and well wishes. I want you to have this meditation to feel the kindness in your heart and to be able to send your positive energy towards the people who need it the most. Continue reading “Guided Meditation for Compassion”