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Guided Meditation for Compassion

Meditation for compassion

I was up early Monday morning writing a blog post and decided to turn on the news, to my dismay, found out about the tragedy in Vegas. It was so disheartening and sickening to see how many people were affected by this horrible man. I can only imagine what the people affected felt and faced. It’s probably a memory they will never be able to wipe away.

I wanted to share this meditation with you because sometimes when you feel like you are in a situation where you want to help and wish you could do something but don’t have too many options to act other than give your heart and well wishes. I want you to have this meditation to feel the kindness in your heart and to be able to send your positive energy towards the people who need it the most.

This meditation allows you to take out your natural inclination for kindness and compassion. You feel it in your heart and it really allows you to feel out your own compassion while knowing you are sending out your positive and compassionate energy towards the person or people that need it. Yes, this meditation may be more beneficial for yourself, but it grows your heart and your kindness which can multiply into even bigger events. As you may already know, I truly believe in small wins and this is part of the process.

Meditation for compassion

Here we go, let’s get into the meditation.

I want you to sit in a chair or in a position where you are at an equilibrium, i.e. one side matches the other.

You may notice some tension in your jaw, head, shoulders or anywhere else and I want you to let go and release those tensions. Now that your body is at ease, I want you to take a full deep breath, exhale slowly and close your eyes. 

Start with just noticing your breath. Not changing it in any way, but more so just watching your breath at its natural state. Next, notice the surrounding noise around you and give them a word to define them. If that is too disruptive, no need to name them, just notice and breath through it. Next, I want you to do a body scan, starting at your toes and just noticing any tensions and any type of feeling on your body.

Once you reach the top of your head, take a deep full breath and now I want you to think of someone you have great affection for. This could be your parents, siblings, partner or whomever you have a great deal of love for. I want you to picture them in front of you and give them a loving gesture, which could be holding their hand, being by their side, or whatever feels most natural to you. When you imagine their face, their eyes, or even voice, this will open your heart. Notice this feeling and notice what part of your body feels this. It could be happiness, tenderness, or a sensation all over your body. You will feel this the most if this person is someone you love unconditionally, but should work just as well with anyone you have an open, loving heart to.

Now, with this person in mind, looking at them, I want you to extend your love and warmth towards this person by saying: May you find happiness and joy today, May you be healthy and safe, May you be free of pain and suffering.  Feel this out and see how this makes you feel giving out this type of love and warmth towards this person.

Next, I want you to imagine someone who is neutral to you. It could be the bus driver you see every morning, someone affected by the shooting, someone you pass by at school or at work or maybe your mailman. And with ease and calmness, I want you to extend the same wishes to this person: May you find happiness and joy today, May you be healthy and safe, May you be free of pain and suffering. Now, feel how different it feels to say this to someone you may not know or feel anything towards and how it is growing your heart. Don’t judge it and try to give the same type of compassion you did with the person you loved above. This will truly open your heart and you will feel a different type of sensation in your heart that you did not with the first person.

Finally, I want you to imagine yourself. So, at this point there is two of you. You may give the same type of loving gesture to yourself as you did with the person you felt most compassionate for. This could be putting a hand on your shoulder or being by your side. And now I want you to repeat the same words: May you find happiness and joy today, May you be healthy and safe, May you be free of pain and suffering. You may even want to visualize them getting these benefits. Feel out how this makes you feel giving this type of compassion to yourself.

Embracing and feeling out your compassionate heart that we have built at this point, I want you to finally go back to noticing your breath again. Gently, notice the natural in and out breaths. Then, do a quick body scan and start to notice the noises surrounding you. Before opening your eyes, visualize the room you are in. Take a full, deep breath and slowly open your eyes. 

End of meditation.

This is one of my favorite meditation and is truly so amazing to feel out the compassion in your heart. I know at times, when you watch the news where it can make you feel more of the negativity in the world and you may feel hopeless, but I want you to go to this meditation and feel the good and believe that there is so much more positivity and kindness around you. And when you feel like there is nothing you can do to help a loved one or a neutral human being, you can always send your positive wishes towards them. 

Thank you for reading and let me know if you have any questions. My thoughts and prayers are with the people affected in the tragedy in Vegas and I hope the 500+ people who are still suffering in the hospital will find peace and health again very soon.

Until next time,


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4 Responses to “Guided Meditation for Compassion”

  1. beautyfromburnttoast

    I have never meditated, but today it was needed. Really enjoyed giving it a try with your guidance. Thanks!

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  2. GlossyCoverEditor

    It is so important and healthy to incorporate mindfulness moments in our every day lives. Especially when life is hectic and busy.

    Liked by 1 person


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