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Guest Post by Hayley Beth: 5 Ways I Learnt to Live With My Anxiety

Hey guys, today I am doing something a little different and have a guest post by a fellow blogger. I want to say thank you again to Hayley for sharing this with us and I hope you guys get something from this. I can definitely relate to anxiety and hope how Hayley’s way of coping with anxiety is helpful for you all. xxoo

I was diagnosed with anxiety in 2015 and it is only recently I have been able to get a handle on it and control it to a certain extent. There are many ways in which people do this but for me, these are my top five!

Being Open About It.

If you can accept that you have anxiety and that with that comes over thinking and possibly panic attacks you are more likely to be able to be open about it. For me being open about having anxiety isn’t to gain attention or pity its to warn people that sometimes I will be acting funky or just won’t want to socialize. If people know they can be prepared for when you do have a bad day and they do witness you having a panic attack. If they are aware you don’t have to worry about it!


For me writing is my happy place, it is my safe zone. I am a big fan of writing down everything in a journal. Although that is something I have avoided doing due to other things that have happened recently it is a massive help to me. Writing things down helps me see the world more clearly. I also like the fact that when I blog, I feel like I can be myself. I am safe from judgement from other people.

Talking About What Is Causing My Anxieties.

I’m lucky that I have found some brilliant people that I can talk about my worries with. Although many of those people have come and gone it has always been good to know that they were there to listen to me when I needed it. Sometimes all it takes is to hear your anxieties out loud and suddenly they no longer feel so big and scary.

Getting Out Of The House.

Believe it or not sitting in your room all day is not good for you! It just gives your brain the chance to overthink your entire life. I find this just causes me to feel even worse. To try and combat this I always aim to go for a walk, even if it isn’t until the middle of the night I will get out of that house! Put your headphones on and just walk for an hour.

Setting Myself Goals and Having Projects.

By setting myself goals I have something to focus on other than my anxieties. It also gives me something to look forward to. My biggest goal at the moment is to get into Uni. Everything I do at the moment is to achieve that goal! I have also set my self a short-term project of creating a line of sweatshirts that I hope will try to promote the fact that anxiety is not our ruler! You can order them here!

I hope this post helps you some way and if you ever need anyone to talk to you can find me on Instagram!

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