My Favorite Worship Songs

I love listening to worship songs when I am in a mellow mood or after church on Sundays.

The words sung are so beautiful and the melody is so calming. I believe when you do things to ground yourself and to connect with your core, it is a beautiful moment worth experiencing. 

Every religion is beautiful, and every religion has a common purpose which is to be a virtuous human being. There is nothing to hate about that. Religion teaches us to love one another and to have compassionate hearts, if that is not beautiful I don’t know what is.

Maybe my choice of songs are not related to your religion and not what will ground you, but I hope it gets you thinking about your religion and what you can do to feel connected to that.

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. Let’s enjoy it in every way we can and by being kind to one another.

Here’s my Spotify playlist for my worship songs:  

1. Home – Chris Tomlin

2. Here’s My Heart – Crowder

3. Brother (feat. Gavin DeGraw) – NEEDTOBREATHE 

4. Multiplied – NEEDTOBREATHE

5. Happiness – NEEDTOBREATHE

6. The God I Know – Love & The Outcome

7. Jeremy Camp – Christ in Me

8. Hallelujah – Rufus Wainwright

9. Jesus Take the Wheel – Carrie Underwood

10.  Come As You Are – Crowder

Let me know if you guys have any songs that you enjoy and would like to share with me in the comments below! I definitely need to expand my playlist. 🙂

Thanks so much for reading.

Much love,

Memoallure signature

“Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone.” – Anonymous


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