Tips to Save Money On Fall Fashion

Fall is upon us and it is finally starting to get cold here in Boston. Not exactly happy about that fact as I am unceasingly cold, but I’m all for comfy sweaters, cute boots and warm jackets!

As for fashion, I am a firm believer for quality over quantity.

Fall Fashion Tips to Save Money
Shirt: Urban Outfitters Skirt: Madewell Shoes: Steve Madden Watch: Lulu’s

I find that when I buy items that are not of quality, I end up not wearing it or it gets ruined fairly quick.

My go-to places to shop are Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Madewell, Lord & Taylor, Nordstrom, Lulu’s and Francesca’s. I make sure to shop at these places only when there is a sale as I find these places I can get the most versatile wear out of their brand.

Francesca’s currently has 20% off and I am sure these places will have even more sales for Black Friday, which is coming up in about 2 weeks.

For Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, I wait until they have sales such as 20% off or 20% off dresses. It helps a little. Urban Outfitters will have sale on their shoes as well and they carry many brands such as Adidas, so I always make sure to check that out. Anthropologie will have random sales and if you join their rewards program, which is free, you will get discounts on your birthday.

Madewell is one of my favorite stores, but it is pricey. It can also add up pretty quick. One thing they do have is discount for students/teachers and if you bring in a pair of old jeans, you can get $20 off your jeans from their brand. I find that their sale section is pretty good and if they come out with something I like, I usually wait a few weeks and it will be on the sale rack fairly quick. I always find such great items on the sale racks, but you have to make sure the store you go to carries the sale items, not all of them do. Of course, if you are shopping online, you won’t have a problem with that.

Lord & Taylor is my go-to for shoes. They always seem to have the best deals, you just have to be on the lookout for them. When they do have their sales, it is usually something like; 20% off one pair of shoes, 30% off two and 40% off for three. I find this is such a great deal, especially if one of your favorite shoe brands never goes on sale on their store/website. If it is the beginning of a season, this is also a great way to get your shoes and save some money!

Nordstrom has their anniversary sale I believe once a year, which is usually in the summer months and it is a great time to save on really great quality items. Nordstrom is not really one to have many sales, so this is the perfect time to save up and get the items on your wish list.

Lulu’s tends to be more on the affordable side, but you can get 10% for your first time and they have random sales throughout the year so you can never go wrong with that. I love Lulu’s for when I need something specific and all of the above stores are not having any sales.

Lastly, Francesca’s has pretty decent jewelry and they usually tend to have buy one get half off sales, which can save you a good amount of money. They also have cute home décor stuff, which can go on sale as well.

I’m sure all of these stores will have even better sales than I mentioned here for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but that only comes around once a year, so these are some things I do when I want to buy from these stores!

That is all of my tips for saving money while shopping quality products on your shopping trip! Let me know if you guys have any tips yourself! Fall Fashion Tips to Save Money

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