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What is My Zodiac and Moon Sign?

zodiac and moon signs

Growing up, particularly in my high school years, I used to obsess over zodiac signs.

I found them to be intriguing and quite spot on. Or maybe I just had too much time on my hands as I wasn’t into sports nor felt like I had any other talents. Binge watching Lost got kind of old and I headed towards a different obsession and that was zodiac signs.

Many people don’t give zodiac signs the time of day because they think they are not real and are made up. Especially in high school, I felt like no one cared and there was little me trying to talk to people about it and no one cared. So, I decided to keep it to myself. Now, a lot of my friends are into it, I’m like really, you couldn’t have cared when I was obsessed with them!?

Some of those people who think zodiac signs are trash are perhaps relating to horoscopes, which I can agree with. No one can truly predict your future and what will happen for you as we all have free will.

On the other hand, Zodiac signs, in my opinion, are very spot on to your personality and your characteristics. 

Of course, we are all individuals and are all different in some way, but we all have these similar characteristics that are embedded to our signs and act a certain way due to our consolation. 

Back in high school, I may have been obsessed in a non-healthy way because I would make it my mission to learn someone’s birthday so that I could find out what their sign was! I read hours and hours of how each signs character are and what signs work well together, and which don’t. Honestly, it was so much fun for me. This was my hobby. I did this on my free time and truly enjoyed it. It became so naturally to me that when someone told me when their birthday was I automatically knew their sign. And to this day, I still do that because it’s something that is embedded in my brain. 

Nowadays, I am not as hooked on them as before, but as I’ve said the knowledge is still there. I still do like to know what people’s signs are that I am surrounded with. It might be a weird fetish, but honestly for me things click and make so much more sense when I know.

Moon Signs

Recently, I read more about my moon sign, which I haven’t done previously. I may have done it back in high school, but I never really focused too much on it.

Looks like I have been missing out! I feel like finding out my moon sign has made so many more things make more sense to me.

For those of you wondering, I am a Capricorn with my moon sign being in Pisces.

If you want to find out what your Moon sign is, you can here.

It will ask for your birthday, what time you were born and where you were born, so you will need to know that information beforehand. After you find out, you can proceed and read about your moon sign by navigating through the website.

Moon sign in Pisces:

Having your moon sign be in Pisces can mean you are dreamy/not in touch with reality, have remarkable intuition and can put others in their shoes with ease. They are compassionate and loving, anything can get us to giggle, and we have to feel things out. We are soft-hearted and express ourselves through writing or music. (YES, yes, yes!)

For me, that was all spot on. This makes more sense of how each sign can be slightly different in terms of characteristics from others due to their different moon signs.

My boyfriend is a Scorpio and I loved knowing how we can connect and what attributes about our personality matches. It’s also a nice feeling knowing you are dating someone that is a good match for you. I also found out his moon sign is the same as mine – Pisces.

If you’re significant other is the same moon sign as you, it could be a pretty powerful connection as you understand one another more intuitively.

Obviously, at the end of the day, you have to listen to your heart and do what feels right for you in who you should be with. In conclusion, in some way, knowing your significant other’s zodiac signs allows you to really tune in on their wants and needs and why they act a certain way. To me, it sheds some clarity and I understand why they act a certain way.

If you want to know every single little detail of your sign, you can also check out a full (free) report of your chart here. It was so accurate for me and obviously you do not need to take this completely serious and just with a grain of salt. 

Last piece of information; if I know you personally, know that I already know your zodiac sign! 🙂 (I know creepy, but it’s my old high school ways I can blame it on.)

If you haven’t researched your zodiac sign yet, I would highly recommend it. I believe in some way, it is a path to our core and a gateway to our soul….it’s also a lot of fun! 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!

Until next time,


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“Do the universe a favor and don’t hide your magic.” – Unknown

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