"The strongest action for a woman is to love herself, be herself and shine amongst those who never believed she could."

10 Morning Affirmations for Happiness, Love + Positive Energy

Good morning beautiful people! ♥

Mornings are my favorite — if you couldn’t tell by now! I love waking up early and having the mornings to myself to improve my well-being.

One of the habits that I used to have, which I am slacking, is saying affirmations in the morning. It sets a good tone for the day and allows for a positive start!

I would recommend meditating for at least one minute before saying these as to calm your mind and get your body ready to feel these out even more strongly.

By saying these affirmations out loud, you really allow your brain to digest what you are saying and believe it to be true. As silly as some of it may seem, give it a chance and watch it do its magic overtime. And honestly, when is the last time you called yourself beautiful? I think you should start now! 

Life can be so hectic and so harsh sometimes, but if we can’t give love and positive energy to ourselves then we will never be able to receive it back from the universe.

By repeating the below phrases, you let your body know that you care for it and that you are here to nourish it. Once your body believes it, your soul will be radiating with so much energy, love and peace. I hope you give it a chance.

Memoallure.com - 10 Affirmation for Love, Happiness and Positive Energy

10 Morning Affirmations for Happiness, Love + Positive Energy:

1. Today is a new day and a new opportunity to start fresh on a good note.

2. Today represents a day for a new beginning and I greet the day with fresh eyes and a fresh mind.

3. Abundance flows through my day – I have all the happiness, love and positive energy I need today to have the most amazing day.

4. In this moment, I give myself permission to release bad and toxic thoughts and allow the good energy to flow in.

5. I am focused, excited and ready to take on whatever comes on my way today with a positive attitude.

6. I am grateful, fully appreciative for all that I have and all the love that is here in my life today.

7. I feel so much joy and happiness in this moment and radiate that energy throughout my day.

8. I feel beautiful inside and out today and define my own beauty through my positive energy, happiness and abundance of love.

9. This abundance of love and positive energy allows me to step into my day able to accomplish all that I can, into my mission, into my words and into this moment.

10. Today I allow myself to feel the good that surrounds me, stay positive throughout the day as the positive energy is flowing throughout my body and nourish my body with the nutrients it needs.


Hope you have a beautiful day and know that you are amazing.

Much love,

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