Best of Beauty 2017

Best of Beauty – 2017

Guys…. the new year is tomorrow! Hope everyone is doing something exciting for their last day of 2017.

I am so stocked and excited for 2018. I have good feelings about it and I know it’s going to be a good year. Continue reading “Best of Beauty – 2017”

Life's too short eat the dessert first

Life Is Unpredictable & Short – Eat the Dessert First!

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!

Hope everyone is with the ones they love this holiday season and hope that your heart is a little more giving this time of year to share the joy of one another.

I’m sure most of you will be eating more desert than you ever have in the next few days and so I figured….why not talk about it.

This brings to mind the saying/quote; Life’s too short, eat the desert first.’

I want to take a moment to digest that saying and to fully understand it….

Some of the most cliched sayings have the most truth to them because life really is too short to be anything but happy. To be able to do the things you love, you must eat the dessert first!

This may go against what your mother has taught you with ‘eat your dinner first’, but what I am trying to say is things in life don’t always go in perfect order.

Let’s try to understand it with 3 different points:

1) Life Is A Beautiful Chaos

There is beauty in the imperfect and the chaos of everyday life. Once you see that and once you embrace it, the second part of your life begins. You do not need to wait until the right moment comes because in reality no one is guaranteed this life. You were gifted this life but death is our reality as we know it. Since that is all we know in this age, why wait to start your life now and to create it with the magic you were given? I say you should have the courage to bring forth what is within you and share your treasures with the world.

2) Perfection Is Overrated

Trying to achieve perfection is a dead end road. Perfection, in its definition, is flawless. In reality, perfection is the only impossible thing as we know it on this planet that I believe is unachievable.

What is perfect, in my opinion, is this life. Life has so much to give to us, and there is so many beautiful things that surround us every single day. All we have to do is take a moment to see it and to fully appreciate it. This earth is imperfectly perfect. There is so much beauty in it without it being perfect. In another point, nothing about this life is normal and if you don’t believe that there are any ounce of magic in it, then you may need to look closer.

There is so much beauty in the imperfect and beauty in embracing things for what they are. There is tremendous amounts of beauty in taking action and taking small steps into your goals. I have learned that it is better to make mistakes and learn then to be too timid to start. I started this blog on a whim and had no idea what I was getting myself into, but all I knew was I rather start then to always wonder “what if”.

More often than not, chasing perfection puts you at a bad place because it is not achievable. All that is achievable is being a better person than you were yesterday and the only day that is perfect is today. Live your life each day as a beautiful mess that it is.

3) Your Journey Is Your Own

One of my favorite songs lately has been “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield. I know it is overplayed and perhaps many people don’t like it anymore after the show, “The Hills”, but the other day I was listening to it and I noticed how beautiful the lyrics truly are. It’s funny how the universe gives you things when you need it the most and you don’t notice it when it doesn’t relate to your life.

This song is exactly where I am in my life – which is in its simplest terms, to live my life to the fullest and to live my best life creating it the way I want to. I am at an age where it is time to see what I have to offer to this world and it’s a new chapter in my life. It’s all scary and exciting in one breath.

In the song, I love how she says: “Feel the rain on your skin, no one else can feel it for you.” and “No one else can speak the words on your lips.” Both of those are incredibly true. They are so simple yet so powerful.

This is your life to live. Don’t apologize for living it the way that you want to live it. If you want to have the best part happen now (aka ‘eat the dessert now’), then just do it! Go for it! Don’t wait because I would not want  you to waste a single moment in our imperfectly, perfect world. Don’t reach for perfection rather reach for progress and follow your heart.

I hope your journey is meaningful, loving and I hope it makes the little girl or boy proud. I hope you achieve all of your dreams.

Lastly, I hope you always eat the dessert first because this life is unpredictable and imperfectly your own journey to live out. You get to decide to live the best moments now….in this moment right now, how exciting and amazing is that?! Your life is a blank book in which you get to create for yourself and like Natasha Beddingfield said – the rest is unwritten. Now, go write your own story!

Happy holidays!

Lots of love,


“‘Life’s Too Short’ is repeated often enough to be a cliché, but this time it’s true. You don’t have enough time to be both unhappy and mediocre. It’s not just pointless; it’s painful.” – Seth Godin

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Ulta Haul and Review

Huge ULTA Haul & Review | Winter 2017

Christmas came early for me this year! I had the 20% coupon at Ulta, and of course I had to use it…..

This haul consists of a lot of ‘cult favorites’ and stuff that I’ve been meaning to try for quite some time.

I’m so excited to share it with you guys as I’ve been trying these products for a few days now and have been loving all of it!

I figured I would share this before Christmas as all my makeup junkies may be (hopefully) getting gift cards to Ulta or Sephora and you can have an idea of what to buy!

I bought everything online and was eagerly waiting for my package to share with you guys. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for a package. It’s nice that it came a week early as a Christmas present to myself! Sometimes you gotta treat yo’ self because if you can’t value you then who will!?!

I think the key is to do what makes you the happiest and to enjoy it without any guilt. For me, that is makeup. I get so joyful thinking and talking about makeup, that I know it’s something I should do without any guilt.

Anyways, let’s get to the important part…..

Here is what I got at Ulta:

Dose of Colors –

Liquid Matte Lipstick in Truffle & Liquid Matte Lipstick in Stone

Huge Ulta Haul

So, apparently these two shades are a cult classic and are shades that most beauty gurus have. Before this purchase, I never tried anything from Dose of Colors and I am quite shocked at how amazing they are from what I know of these two products.

The stone shade is more of a mauve tone and it is absolutely beautiful. The Truffle shade is a little more on the brown side of things and is a great nude shade. It’s a bit darker than your typical nude.

These two shades are super wearable and an everyday stable. What I was so shocked about with these lipsticks is that usually matte lipsticks are very drying and can also look dry on your lips.  Those types of matte lipsticks can be quite uncomfortable to wear, but these ones felt so moisturizing and yet still looked matte. Honestly, I was shocked…. it doesn’t even feel like you are wearing lipstick – it’s crazy!

I am officially a Dose of Colors fan. I can’t wait to try their other products. 🙂

Too Faced –

Chocolate Gold Palette

There has been such a rave around this new palette that I had to try it myself. Not particularly because there was so much rave around it, but really it looks beautiful and caught my eye. I had a good feeling that I would really like it. I was not wrong. This is so pigmented and so festive, especially around this time of year. I do love Too Faced eye shadow palette’s so I wasn’t too surprised of how great this one is. I love that this palette comes with transition shade colors, so you can really do a complete look using only this palette which is great! Apparently, the gold is real and yes, it does smell like chocolate as always. Too Faced has a 20% off your first purchase when you sign up, so if you’re looking to purchase their products, I would suggest you do that. I’m all for saving any type of money whenever I can. Too Faced Review

Benefit –

Hoola Bronzer & GALifornia Blush

From Benefit, I got my ride-or-die bronze – Hoola. I’m sure many of you love this one as well. I love using their contour stick and then setting that with the Hoola powder. It really looks so beautiful and ‘natural’ or as natural as makeup can look! Those two products are really products I don’t think I can live without.

Something new for me is Benefits blush. I was intrigued after I saw someone on YouTube using it. It’s the GALifornia Blush. It smells so nice and looks so beautiful – both on and in the package. It’s shimmery and has a sun kissed glow type of feel to it. It’s honestly so beautiful and is subtle. I really don’t like overpowering blushes and this one is not one of those. I was a little hesitant because looking at it you’d think it’d be too pigmented, but it really is not. This in some way reminds me of the Nars Orgasm blush. I love that one as well as it is also super wearable.

Maybelline –

Ulta Haul and Review

As many of you may already know from this post, that I am obsessed with Maybelline’s Super Stay Matte inks. The formula is wonderful, especially for a drug store brand. So, I had to try different shades to see how if they perform the same. I got the shades 75- Fighter and 10-Dreamer. I haven’t tried them yet, but I have high hopes for both of the shades. I am loving the brown fighter shade it seems like such a great winter shade. Dreamer is more of a pink shade and I think it will look so cute as a date night look or for Valentine’s day!

Real Techniques –

Ulta was having a deal where you could buy one get the second 50% off some brands, and Real Techniques was one of them. So was Maybelline, which is why I bought those two shades above. Real Technique has some of the best brushes for an affordable brand. They really are the winners for me in this department.

Ulta Haul and Review

I bought the Diamond shaped sponge and the blush brush. And I may say I did such a good job choosing these two products because I am obsessed with both products. In particular, I AM ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED with the diamond sponge. I honestly bought it because I thought it was cute and packaging really wins me over for makeup, but it exceeded my expectations. Honestly, I may like this more than the original Beauty Blender. Really, I do. It’s crazy, I know.  The bottom of the Diamond is flat and great for applying your makeup and the tip of it isn’t as sturdy as I’d like, but it still works. If you don’t like that you could also just squeeze it and use the other edges, which is what I’ve been doing. I love this so much.

Tarte –

Empowered hybrid gel foundation in light sand

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was done with my cart and didn’t want to purchase anything else…. but then I saw that Tarte was having a sale for one of their foundations, so I had to try it out. I believe I paid only $10 for it. They were also having the sale for the brush that goes with this foundation, but it was sold out. Such a bummer! I didn’t have high hopes for this foundation and wasn’t going to be too disappointed if it didn’t work out as it didn’t break the bank for me. But it ended up being perfect for me. It is not full coverage but leaves your skin looking so flawless and is perfect for those days that you want to do a natural look or want to wear it in a professional setting. I will for sure wear this in the office. I love it so much and love the packaging as it makes things so much easier. Ulta Haul and Review

The second product I got from Tarte is no new news at this point and that is the Shape Tape concealer. This one is my second tube, and I was out of it, so I had to restock on it.


Ulta Haul and Review

I’ve been so intrigued to try Nikki Tutorial’s collab with Ofra as Nikki is the queen of highlights. I knew that I wouldn’t be disappointed, so I purchased it. And yes, as highly expected, it did not disappoint. It is really #goals for highlighting your face. I got the shade “Glazed Donut” as I do not have a highlighter in this shade. I love it so far and can’t wait to play around with it.

Wet N’ Wild-

319B Highlighting Powder

Ulta Haul and Review

Wet N’ Wild has been killing it with every product that they’ve come out with this year and I figured I’d try their highlighter as well. This was only $4.99 which is crazy so I’m hoping to like it. I haven’t tried it, but it looks beautiful. I love their blush and have talked about it in this post, so I think this won’t disappoint. The packaging is gorgeous on this. It has a flower embedded on the product which is so beautiful to me.

Physicians Formula-

Butter Bronzer

Okay, I think many of you have heard of this product already, but I have never tried it. I’ve heard so many beauty gurus rave about it, so I had to try it for myself. And I have not been disappointed. I really love this one as well. It is buttery as the name suggests and it smells like a vacation. No, seriously it does. It has a coconut fragrant to it. It’s not too overpowering, either. So far, so good with this.

Elf –

Sculpt & Shine Brush Set  Ulta Haul and Review

Lastly, I bought this package of brushed from Elf. This might be my first product from Elf and it did not disappoint. This is the contour kit. I really needed something like this as I usually use a beauty blender for my contouring needs and now when I don’t want to use a beauty sponge for my look, I can just use this kit. This was only $10, and it is amazing. The first brush is for baking around the cheek area to fix your contour or bronzer so that it’s sharper. The second brush is for setting your concealer under your eyes. The third brush is great for nose contouring or getting smaller areas. Looks like this is only $7 on Amazon, which is even better!

That is all for my Ulta haul this time around. I was not disappointed with any of the products I tried and I guess that’s mainly because I did my homework before buying all of these products. I would highly suggest that you guys do the same before buying anything. If I’ve said something works great on me, go and research that product more, maybe on YouTube or other beauty bloggers to get the best idea of that product!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!



“You cannot heal in the same environment that you got sick.” – Unknown

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Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Lipsticks Review

New Smashbox Cosmetics Be Legendary Liquid Lipsticks | Review

I wanted to share these lipsticks with you guys before any of your holiday parties that may be coming up for you because these lipsticks are definitely holiday approved!

They are so festive and so wearable. Even the darker shade looks amazing and not too crazy. Usually, darker shades are hard to pull off, but I did not feel that I had that problem with this one. Continue reading “New Smashbox Cosmetics Be Legendary Liquid Lipsticks | Review”

December Spotify Playlist

December Spotify Playlist

Hey guys!

I am loving this month… something about this month and the holiday season is just so magical and calming.

Everyone is more giving and so much more loving it seems. The thing that helps out the most I believe is the holiday music! Of course, all the decorations help as well and if you live in a place where it snows, I feel like that helps a lot too. 🙂 As much as I do not like the cold, I can’t imagine Christmas season without snow!

I wanted to share my December playlist with you guys so you can get all joyful and warm fuzzy feelings inside with me! 🙂

Not all of the songs are Christmas/Holiday songs, but of course majority are.

Hope you guys enjoy them!

December Spotify Playlist:

  1. My Only Wish (This Year) – Britney Spears
  2. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – Michael Buble
  3. Mistletoe – Justin Bieber
  4. Last Christmas – Wham!
  5. Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt
  6. Never Say Never – Justin Bieber
  7. Santa Tell Me – Ariana Grande
  8. Female – Keith Urban
  9. Love on the Weekend – John Mayer
  10. Damage – PARTYNEXTDOOR
  11. Never Be the Same – Camila Cabello
  12. Bloodstream – Ed Sheeran
  13. All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey
  14. Perfect Duet – Ed Sheeran & Beyonce
  15. Hallelujah – Pentatanix
  16. Emoji of a Wave – John Mayer
  17. Drummer Boy – Justin Bieber
  18. Diving (Vice Remix) – Bridgit Mendler
  19. It’s Beggining To Look A Lot Like Christmas – Michael Buble
  20. You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me – John Mayer
  21. Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town – Mariah Carey

That’s it!

If you want to follow my Spotify December playlist, you can here.

I’m not sponsored by Spotify, but I did notice they have 3 months of premium for only $0.99 which is not bad at all. I pay $10 a month! You can pay $5 a month if you are a student 🙂

Hope everyone has an amazing holiday season with the people you love.



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“Do Small Things With Great Love.” – Mother Theresa 

Advice from a CEO

Advice From a CEO

About a year ago I had the chance to sit down and have breakfast with a CEO. It was one of the most inspiring meetings I’ve had, albeit, I was joined with 20 other folks, but it was still such a memorable experience!

To be that close to a person who’s had power and has done all that he can to drive himself to succeed was truly inspiring to be around. Our meeting was for about an hour and he did not get to answer all our questions. It was a bit disappointing, but of course I couldn’t let him go without answering my question, so I decided to email him after our meeting.

For privacy purposes, I will not disclose his name.

I love knowing and analyzing how people think and I saw this as a great opportunity. To be able to know how someone of his level got to where he is, I believe, great knowledge for all of us that aspire to achieve great things.

Daily Habits of the Successful…

Why are we all obsessed with the daily habits of the uber successful people? Well, for one, they must be doing something right if they are where they are, right? And for two, I think they think differently than most. I don’t truly think they are any different than us other than the fact that they think differently, take action and are resourceful.

So, what does that mean for you? It means you can replicate what they have done to come up with similar results to achieve your goals.

Advice from a CEO

Here’s the Advice From a CEO:

My Question – 

What would you tell your 20 something year old self now to be successful in the future?

His response –

It was great to meet you this morning as well, and get feedback from you and the group.
My advice to a 20 something is anything but theoretical as I have a 27, 25, 21 and 18 year old children…so here goes…
  • Do something you like and that you are interested in
  • Do it to the very best of your ability, performance in any organization matters
  • Try different things, particularly early in your career…don’t let yourself get stuck in a rut
  • Take career risk, don’t be afraid to jump into something that you are not fully qualified for, the most effective learning happens when you stretch yourself
  • Be a good teammate, make the people around you better…it will be noticed
  • Get a mentor
  • YOU are the CEO of your career, do not leave it for someone else to manage
  • Make sure you have balance in your life…family, friends, activities…your diversity as a person will make you a more effective employee
  • And Have fun along the way

I was shocked when he answered my email. He is, of course, a super busy man, but this proves you are never too busy or too high in power to answer other people and to be able to connect with others!

I think this is probably the best advice I have ever gotten, and I will treasure this forever as it fully relates to me personally.

This is What I’ve Made of His Advice:

Do Something You Like & That You Are Interested In & Do It To Your Best Ability.

This one seems to be a no-brainer, but in our 20’s we tend to be confused about what career path to take or in honesty what we actually really like doing. His advice allows us to keep trying to find it as it is achievable if you keep looking. Another quote or advice pops in my head as, ‘If you are not doing something you like, then you are wasting your time.’ Sometimes we can be so discouraged with life because we haven’t reached a position that seems to be what aligns with our values, and for that reason you should always experience new things and try something new repeatedly to grow your mind. Once you’ve found what you are passionate about, like he has said – do it to your best ability, it shows.

Do Different Things – Particularly Early In Your Career.

I also agree with this and strive for this for myself. I don’t want to wake up in 5 years to find out I did not diversify and try new things. I want to strive to always listen to exactly what my heart wants and to see what I can give back to this world. In order to do something you like, you need to try new things. There really is no other way to find out until you experiment it for yourself. Don’t be afraid to take risks, it’s where you will either find that it’s completely not what you want to do or it’s something that was exactly meant for you. You don’t lose either way. Don’t be afraid to fail. Les Brown always says, in order to do something you’ve never done, you have to become someone you’ve never been. To do this, you have to do step out of your comfort zone.

You Are Your Own CEO – Don’t Leave It For Someone Else To Manage.

My favorite point he made is that you are your own CEO of your career. The way I interpret is that you are your own CEO of how your life turns out. You have the steering wheel to control the results that unfold.  You should never let others control your direction nor tell you which way to go. You may be directed in many different directions, but you are in control of which ones you want to pursue. And as long as you listen to your heart, I believe you will never be redirected in the wrong path.

Diversify Yourself By Making Time For Others.

The other point he made is to diversify yourself by making time for people, family and friends is also something I’ve found to be very true. Whenever I spend more time with others I tend to not only grow more of a compassionate heart, but I also gain more skills and feel more connected to the world. You always learn something new when you spend time with others as we are all individuals that can bring forth something new and inspiring.

Be A Good Team Member, Make Others Better.

I feel that it is always important to leave with a good mark and you never know when those people will reappear in your life. Time is better spent when you spend it making other people better. Not that you should do anything with the intention of benefiting you, but it will come back to you in some way.

Take Risks & Don’t Be Afraid To Jump Into Something You Are Not Fully Qualified For.

I’ve heard this one repeatedly from various people – to jump into something that you are not fully ready for as it is where real growth lies. Whenever you feel that you are not growing in a career or being challenged that is when red signals should appear for you to leave and move on. You never want to feel like you are not growing, it’s not good for your brain nor your health. Why spend your life uninspired and not growing when you can feel so alive doing something that allows you to grow and pursue your passion every single day?

Lastly, Have Fun.

So simple, yet we always forget about this one. Sometimes you want something so bad that you forget about the present moment and how precious it is. The process sometimes can be the best part. The part where you figure yourself out, the part where you take action, take risks and where you step forth into the person you’ve never been before. It’s going to be exhilarating and scary all at the same time. Don’t waste your days wishing the moment you’ve been waiting for arrives – it’s already here. Have fun with it and enjoy your time during the process and never take yourself too seriously. The end result is only a fraction of the time you spend in your life, the most important part is who you become during that process and what you do with that time.

Thank you for reading. Hope this will help you as much as it has helped me and continues to help me. Whether you are in your 20’s or not, I believe we can all take something from this at any age. I know that I will.

Until next time,

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“You’ve got to say, I think that if I keep working at this and want it badly enough I can have it. It’s called perseverance.” – Lee Iacocca

Morphe Brushes Review

Morphe Brushes + Palette | Review

Morphe has become one of the most known affordable brands out there and has become even bigger this year as they have gotten investors to expand their business. Honestly, I am very impressed.

You can find Morphe products online and perhaps someday at Sephora. They do have their own store in CA, but unfortunately that’s not helpful for those of living outside of that.

I wanted to write this review as the only way for someone not living in California would be to purchase their stuff online – which can tend to be quite hard to decipher which products will work for you.

Before this purchase, I never used Morphe products….after this purchase, I AM OBSESSED. The thing that really makes me love it is that they are so affordable. Some of the brushes I got were I believe around $4 – so crazy and yet the quality is so good!

As the holiday season is approaching, this may be a good gift idea or you can just treat yo’ self because the holiday season is all about being happy, right?!

Let’s get to the review…

Pro Round Blender E27

Morphe Brushes

This is probably one of the best blending brushes I’ve ever used. It’s so fluffy and easy to use. The best part is it’s only $7! Compared to MAC brushes, which tend to be in the $20s range, this is a much affordable price! It blends everything so smoothly, is lightweight and now I understand why all the YouTubers rave about these brushes!

Mini Concealer Brush – M421

Morphe Brushes Review

This brush is great for doing a look such as a cut crease or it’s great for cleaning up your eyebrows after you’ve lined them. It’s super small, which  makes it great for precise application. This brush is only $3.50 and I absolutely have been loving this!

Crease Precision Blender – E17

Morphe Brushes Review

This is again, a great blending brush, but more so for the outer corner of your lids as it is smaller and you can get more precise with it. The above blending brush, E27, is great for the transition shade application and this one is great to build up that outer corner darker shade. This one is only $7.

Pro Firm Blending Fluff – M433

Morphe Brushes Review

This is another blending brush and is great to blend right below the transition shade. I absolutely love this one. It’s a great brush to build up a tone of colors that you are working with. This is super fluffy – as all of the above brushes are, and blends beautifully. This brush is priced at $6.

Detail Crease – E36

Morphe Brushes Review

This brush I use for the outer corner as well, but can really get super precise with it. This one is great for really dark shades such as dark browns or blacks as they can get really messy really quick. This is much smaller than the E17, which is why you can get much precise with it but also work together with both of these brushes to create a beautiful look. This one is only $5.

Pro Precision Smudger – M326

Morphe Brushes Review

You can use this brush for your lower lash line and create a beautiful smokey eye. It can also be used with any shade you want, so it does not need to be a smokey eye. I feel that you can never just put eye liner on your lower lash line, you also need some eye shadow to add some depth, and this brush is perfect for that. Not sure if you can really tell with the picture, but this brush is super small. I absolutely love it. This one is $4.

Deluxe Buffer – M439

Morphe Brushes Review

Lastly, I had to purchase this because I’ve seen Jaclyn Hill rave about this for years and always wondered about it. I absolutely love it! It’s not too big or not too small – it’s perfect! I had the Tarte brush similar to this, but it was much bigger. I do not like that one as it is too big and it also just soaks too much of the foundation. This Morphe brush doesn’t seem to do that and it is super precise. This is the only foundation brush you need! This one is priced at $14.

Fall Into Frost Eye Shadow Palette – 35F

Morphe Brushes ReviewC364973C-0763-430A-8B81-16113812F4D3

I’ll start off by saying – wow these shades are beautiful!!!! When I swatched them for the first time (and touched them for the first time), I was shocked at how smooth and creamy they are. I love the range and you can really create so many looks with this palette. I loved playing around with this for fall and found that the shades are super easy to work with. The pigmentation is fairly good for the price point. Of course, high-end products do have better pigment than this one, but this palette wins for any drug-store brands or less expensive brands! You definitely need to set this with a setting spray so that it stays all day because I’ve found if you don’t, your eye shadow won’t last you all day with this palette. This palette is only $23.

Continuous Setting Spray

Morphe Brushes Review

I’ve heard so many great things about this product as well and had to try for myself. I do like it a lot. I love that it is continuous which makes it gentle and doesn’t feel like something is pouring on your face. Overall, I think this is a great setting spray and I’ve found that the eye shadow palette from above lasts much longer when I use this.

That is it, guys. Overall, I am so happy with all of my purchase and have been using them for over 2 months now. I think they are great for the price point and feel just as good as pro brushes such as MAC. Don’t get me wrong, I am still obsessed with MAC brushes, but if I want to be money-conscience and save my money, then these will be my go-to brushes to purchase.

***I am unfortunately not a Morphe affiliate so I cannot give you guys a discount, but if you go to YouTube, you can find it there. Some beauty guru’s that I know who have the 10% discount are Manny Mua (he’s the one I used, I love him so much!!), Jaclyn Hill or Laura Lee.

Hope this was helpful and let me know if you guys own any of these brushes


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“Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?”

Best of Beauty 2017

Ulta Beauty Haul + Review

Hey guys!

Wanted to share a quick Ulta haul with you guys and my review on them. I’ve had these actually for a while now, but just did not get around to writing about it.

This will be a bit more beneficial for you guys as I can also give a little bit of a review of the products.

Alright, without me rambling on forever, here is my Ulta haul.

The first item I bought is:

  • Carli Bybel BH Cosmetics Deluxe Edition Palette

Ulta Beauty Haul

I was so excited when I saw this at Ulta. Carli is such a sweet and giving YouTuber and has donated so much to great causes. I especially love this palette knowing she made this so affordable for us. I really think that is so sweet for her to care about her subscribers to create something we can afford to buy. This palette is truly more beautiful than I thought. It has so many pretty mattes and wearable shimmers. I especially like this because you can travel with it as it lightweight and has everything you need to create a gorgeous look! It has a nice sized mirror which is honestly perfect.

Carli Bybel Palette

  • Love Beauty Fully It Brushes for Ulta

This is a blush brush and seriously the fluffiest brush I have ever touched. I was in desperate need of a new one and fell in love with this once I touched it. This works with any cream, liquid or powder blushes which is great to have for versatility. This brush is also custom-designed and made with 100% cruelty-free synthetic fiber brush hair. I’m not sure if it was worth the money, but I do know it’s one of the fluffiest brushes I have ever touched.

Ulta Beauty Haul

  • L’Oreal Beauty Blender

I’ve heard so many positive things about this beauty blender and I had to try for myself. It is more affordable than the actual beauty blender itself, so I was all for it. I always feel guilty spending $20 for a little beauty blender, but it’s just needed because it really does work so well. I know real technique has a dupe as well, but I really did not like that one, although, a lot of people do rave about it. I did not think it worked well for me. This one below is only $7, so compared to the beauty blender, you can really save a good amount of money. You guys probably already all know about this sponge already and how everyone love it, and I officially joined the bandwagon!

Ulta Beauty Haul

  • NYX Face and Body Glitter Brillants in GLI 09Best of Beauty 2017

This is a bright pink glitter. I did a beautiful look with this and I cannot wait to recreate it. See below for the pic! I love NYX’s glitters, I think they are just as good as MAC — but less expensive 🙂 I actually have never tried MAC’s glitter, but I don’t feel like I am missing out with these dupes from NYX!

Ulta Haul

  • NYX Glitter Primer

I did not have a glitter primer before this and was in desperate need of one, so I chose to get this one. With the glitter above, its really hard to work with without the primer/glue, so I really had no choice but to purchase this. I used to use eyelash glue to put glitter on my eyelids… is that bad? 🙂 You can use this for eye shadow or for your lips to add a little sparkle to your look!

Ulta Beauty Haul

  • Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Cleansing Oil

I was in desperate need of a cleansing oil to remove my makeup. This is how I used to take off my makeup but I’ve become a bit lazy and use makeup wipes then use a normal cleanser. I tried this oil on my hand after I had many makeup products on it at Ulta and it easily took everything off. What I love about Juice Beauty is that it is organic and cruelty free.

Juice Beauty Cleansing Oil

  • SunBum Beach Formula Conditioner

Alright, I’m not really sure why I bought this. I just needed a conditioner and I think I blindly bought this. I just saw that it was enriched with coconut oil (which works great for my hair), has banana pulp/peel/leaf, quinoa protein and sunflower seed oil and I said “Nice, sounds good enough for me!”, but I did not realize it was a beach formula to protect you against UV rays. On the positive side, it’s cruelty free and color safe. You can never be too careful with UV rays, so I’m thinking I did good.

Cruelty Free Hair Care

  • Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow in into the blue

I think Stila did an amazing job with their line. After they came out with this, you could see that a lot of other brands tried to replicate something similar or came out with lip glosses that are similar to these. Who doesn’t live and breath for a good glitter? I know I do and this one is so beautiful! I think this would look so beautiful on blue eyes.

Anyways, hope you guys have a wonderful day and see you all next time!

Let me know if there are any products you would like me to try for next time.


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Plan for 2018

Plan For Your Future – 10 Questionnaires for 2018

A few years back, in college, I answered the following questions to figure out where I want to be and in simplest to plan for my future.

I ran across this questionnaire the other day and wanted to share it with you guys, so that you can also plan for your own future.

It’s nice to look back and see where my head was at in college and if I am still in the same path. One path that I did want to take actually did not work out but everything else was still exactly the same goals I have, which is interesting to analyze.

They say you are way more likely to make your dreams or what you want to achieve in life feasible if you write it down. So, why not, write it down and plan ahead. I did not make this printable as I want you to physically write it down — good ol’ paper and pen.

This will not take you too long and it will be a great tool to really understand yourself and to be able to take the small steps today to get to your goals for the coming year.

It could also be a way to take action on things that you’ve been putting off. I find when we see the big picture, sometimes we are more likely to be more motivated to go after what we want.

Here are the questions:

Choose 3 values you have and write them down.

  1. If you learned today that you only had 6 months to live, what would you do?
  2. What sort of work or activity gives you the greatest feeling of importance and satisfaction?
  3. What have you always wanted to but have been afraid to start?
  4. If you could make a big change in your life today, what would it be?
  5. What one great thing would you take action on if you knew that you could not fail?
  6. Choose 3 of each category:
    • Choose 3 most desired personal goals for yourself.
    • Choose 3 family & relationship goals.
    • Choose 3 career and business goals.
    • Choose 3 financial goals.
    • Choose 3 educational, personal and professional development goals.
    • Choose 3 social goals.
    • Choose 3 health goals.
  7. 10 goals you want to achieve in the next 12 months.
  8. If you were guaranteed success in one of your goals from above, which one would you choose?
  9. Is this goal consistent with your morals and values?
  10. What is one bad habit I will make sure to get rid of this year and not let me deter my process of achieving my number one goal?

That’s it! I wish I ran into my questionnaire earlier because I think this is important to do each year as things change and your goals need some adjustment.

The reason I want to start this in December is you are one month ahead of your goal-planning for the new year. It won’t come and hit you with a surprise when January strolls around. You have this month to really think it through and to figure out how you can take action. This is your month to start and implementing these habits and when January comes by, you’ll already be an expert of what you need to do!

Thank you for reading.

Sending much love and positive vibes your way. Hope you know all your dreams can come true because nothing is out of your limit – only you are your own limit.

Until next time,

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For full disclosure of this site, please read this.

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