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Plan For Your Future – 10 Questionnaires for 2018

Plan for 2018

A few years back, in college, I answered the following questions to figure out where I want to be and in simplest to plan for my future.

I ran across this questionnaire the other day and wanted to share it with you guys, so that you can also plan for your own future.

It’s nice to look back and see where my head was at in college and if I am still in the same path. One path that I did want to take actually did not work out but everything else was still exactly the same goals I have, which is interesting to analyze.

They say you are way more likely to make your dreams or what you want to achieve in life feasible if you write it down. So, why not, write it down and plan ahead. I did not make this printable as I want you to physically write it down — good ol’ paper and pen.

This will not take you too long and it will be a great tool to really understand yourself and to be able to take the small steps today to get to your goals for the coming year.

It could also be a way to take action on things that you’ve been putting off. I find when we see the big picture, sometimes we are more likely to be more motivated to go after what we want.

Here are the questions:

Choose 3 values you have and write them down.

  1. If you learned today that you only had 6 months to live, what would you do?
  2. What sort of work or activity gives you the greatest feeling of importance and satisfaction?
  3. What have you always wanted to but have been afraid to start?
  4. If you could make a big change in your life today, what would it be?
  5. What one great thing would you take action on if you knew that you could not fail?
  6. Choose 3 of each category:
    • Choose 3 most desired personal goals for yourself.
    • Choose 3 family & relationship goals.
    • Choose 3 career and business goals.
    • Choose 3 financial goals.
    • Choose 3 educational, personal and professional development goals.
    • Choose 3 social goals.
    • Choose 3 health goals.
  7. 10 goals you want to achieve in the next 12 months.
  8. If you were guaranteed success in one of your goals from above, which one would you choose?
  9. Is this goal consistent with your morals and values?
  10. What is one bad habit I will make sure to get rid of this year and not let me deter my process of achieving my number one goal?

That’s it! I wish I ran into my questionnaire earlier because I think this is important to do each year as things change and your goals need some adjustment.

The reason I want to start this in December is you are one month ahead of your goal-planning for the new year. It won’t come and hit you with a surprise when January strolls around. You have this month to really think it through and to figure out how you can take action. This is your month to start and implementing these habits and when January comes by, you’ll already be an expert of what you need to do!

Thank you for reading.

Sending much love and positive vibes your way. Hope you know all your dreams can come true because nothing is out of your limit – only you are your own limit.

Until next time,

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