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Best of Beauty – 2017

Best of Beauty 2017

Guys…. the new year is tomorrow! Hope everyone is doing something exciting for their last day of 2017.

I am so stocked and excited for 2018. I have good feelings about it and I know it’s going to be a good year.

I hope everyone has been doing their planning and reflecting on 2017. Particularly of what you did in 2017 that you can bring forth into 2018 and what to leave behind.

If you’d like some inspo and haven’t read it yet, here’s my 20 questionnaire to plan for your future.

Anyways, onto the beauty side of things….

2017 has been an interesting year for me. If you have been around since my first post – which was my holy grail make up products then you know that most of those products will be on this list.

I’ve found and tried so many different and great brands this year that I am so excited to keep going and find even more new brands or products that I haven’t tried!

Without further ado, let’s get to the best products of 2017.

Memoallure’s Best of Beauty 2017 Winners:

Serum/Primer – farsali

Sephora Haul Fall 2017

This is the serum you have been seeing on Instagram throughout the year. It’s the purple/pink serum that you have been seeing on beauty guru’s videos that runs down their face. I was intrigued and bought one myself. And luckily, fell in love with it. It leaves your skin so flawless and you look like you are glowing within. If you were planning on wearing no makeup throughout the day, but didn’t want to look ghostly, try this. Your skin will look so healthy. I use this as a primer for my makeup as it is a great base.

Concealer – Tarte Shape Tape

Ulta Haul and Review

This one is a no surprise for anyone…unless you live under a rock….or don’t like makeup. This must be on everyone’s list, but for good reasons. This has been my go to all year long that I have officially ran out of it. I do want to venture out and try different ones after this, but this has made my year a great one for sure!

Foundation – Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation

Again, I used this one up and will have to repurchase. This was also on my holy grail makeup post back in April, and I can safely say I am still obsessed with it! I am actually weeping because I am out of it. I am so lost in life without this foundation. It has such a beautiful finish and makes your skin actually look like skin. I was a little hesitant to buy this at first because this is supposed to give you a dewy finish (which it does) and with problematic skin, I wasn’t sure if this would be for me. For many (sad) years, I used super mattifying foundations, and once I realized that I have pretty dry skin, my skin care game changed.

Bronzer – Hoola by Benefit & Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer


This is a no shock for most of you as well, but this is a product I tried on 2017 and fell in love. It is so natural and not too bold. I love the finish and I have never had a problem with each application. If I want to do a quick make up look and get out the door quickly, I can trust this bronzer to give me a flawless look!

Butter Bronzer:

This bronzer also had to get a mention as I think this might be the best bronzer in the drug store realm of things. It does have a strong scent, but you get over it quick and if you love coconut-y vacation mode type of smell, then you wont mind it. This almost seems like a Hoola dupe. They both have amazing finishes and I know I can trust them both.

Contour – Hoola Contour Stick by Benefit

Best of Beauty 2017

This unfortunately does not work on many skin tones, but if you have a light-medium skin tone then you may love this! What I love about this is that it makes contouring easy. It’s beginner friendly and I love how precise your contour can be with the application.

Blush – GALifornia by Benefit

Ulta Haul and Review

Again, another Benefit product, but this was a winner for me. Nars Orgasm brush has been my comfort zone for many years, and it’s been hard for me to really like any blushes. Maybe I love this one because it reminds me of the Nars blush, but it is a bit different as it gives you a beautiful shimmer. It looks natural and when I pair this with the Hoola bronzer, I know I can’t go wrong.


Mascara – L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise

Drugstore Haul

I would’ve never thought that a drugstore brand would’ve made this category. I am so picky when it comes to mascaras. I usually tend to pick the high-end ones or stick to my “Better Than Sex” mascara, but once again perhaps I love this because this is a dupe for the “better Than Sex” mascara. I have even gifted this for my sister for Christmas as I really have been loving it and need other people to love it with me!

Glitter – Stila Magnificent Metals & NYX Brillants

Stila –

This one may also not come as a shock as Stila started the best trend makeup has seen in a while within the glitter world. After this product was launched, so many other brands came out with their own version of similar products such as lipglosses that replicate the same effect or glitter eye shadows that are just as intense. These are mess-free and easy to use.

NYX Brillants

These are basically dupes for the MAC glitters but more affordable. If you want an intense glitter look, then this must be your go-to. They are easy to use as long as you have glitter glue.

Eyeshadow – Sweet Heat by MAC

Once again, this was in my holy-grail makeup products post, but this won for the eyeshadow category for me. This really brings out brown eyes and would work with any eye color. It is a beautiful brown/mauve/maroon shade. If you spray it with fix+, it’s even more beautiful.

Eyeshadow Palette – HudaBeauty Desert Dusk Palette

This has quickly became my favorite eye shadow palettes of all time. I am actually not a warm tone type of gal, but this works for me so well. I love the variety and how beautiful each shade is. There isn’t too much fall out and the shadows work really well. This palette is basically made of magic.


Matte – Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink, Dose of Colors Truffle & MUFE Artist Liquid Mate 103

Maybelline –

These have quickly became one of my favorite drug-store mate liquid lipsticks. They are affordable and great quality. I was scared that it may be one of those lines where not all shades work, but with the ones I’ve tried, I’ve had no problems. The whole super stay line has been amazing for Maybelline.

Dose of Colors –

This has changed the mate liquid lipsticks game for me. The quality of these lipsticks are absolutely amazing. They are so soft not drying at all and doesn’t actually feel like you are wearing lipstick. These are a great everyday lipsticks and make every other matte lipstick look bad. I love the color truffle as it is a perfect nude for everyday.

MUFE Mate Lipstick in 103 –

This was also on my holy grail makeup post and I still love it. This is again a product that I can apply without thinking about it and I know it will look good. This shade is so wearable and the quality, as expected, amazing.

Lip glosses:

Fenty Beauty – Fenty Glow Universal Lip Gloss

September Favorites

This will forever be my favorite lip gloss. It reminds me of  the watermelon lip glosses from Claires from when I first started getting into makeup and is just as glossy. It brings back sweet memories while look absolutely gorgeous on. It’s the type of lip product that would be date-night approved.

Smashbox – Crimson Chrome Lip Gloss


If you have seen my review on these products, then you already know I love these and you know everything to know about them. What I love about these lip glosses are that they are super wearable. The crimson color is a beautiful bright red and I truly believe anyone could pull it off. I loved this during the holiday season and will keep wearing it through out the winter.

Setting Spray – Morphe Continuous Setting Spray

Morphe Brushes Review

This one is an affordable setting spray that I fell in love this year. What I love most about this product, as the name suggest, is that it is continuous ,which leaves your skin feeling amazing. It doesn’t feel like a harsh application, which some setting sprays can tend to feel. I basically drown my face in this setting spray and have noticed my makeup will last longer.

That is it for everything I have loved this year!

It’s been such a good year for makeup for me this year.

Leave a comment below of what has been your holy-grail makeup this year, I would love to know!

As always, thank you for reading.

See you guys next year!



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2 Responses to “Best of Beauty – 2017”

  1. Julie

    Your post showed up in my reader and I noticed myself being judgmental about the word “beauty.” I immediately leaped to “superficial.” So of course I had to click on it so I could learn something and let whatever is holding me back go.

    I got to appreciate your love of color and texture. I got to appreciate your artistry. I got to appreciate my nine-year-old daughter, who loves makeup. Thank you!



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