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Juvias Place Look Using the Zulu Palette

Juvias Place Makeup Look

Juvias Place is a brand I recently started getting into and have quickly become obsessed.

Not only are they affordable, but their products are also great quality.

I wanted to share a look I created for you guys with the Zulu palette, which is a go-to look for me.

When you first look at the palette, you might be taken back or not willing to try it since it has some crazy shades, but trust me they are totally easy to work with!

Juvias place makeup look

I’ve created two looks with this palette so far, but I’m excited to try even more looks. That’s the beauty of this palette, its versatile and although, the colors may not be what you’re used to working with, it is still an easy palette to create everyday looks with!

Here’s a swatch of all the colors to show you what they look like on the skin:

Juvias place looks

They are so pigmented, yet so easy to blend! I had no trouble working with them. What I love is that it’s not crazy pigmented to a point where it’s too hard to work with. Of course, as it is bright colors, do be careful to make sure you are applying a little at a time. But even if you are not too careful, I still think it’s easy to not mess up.

Looking at the swatches now, I’m excited to create a look with the bright green color. It is catching my eye!

My best friend initially bought this palette after I introduced her to Juvias Place, which we then ended up trying it out at the same time! Being both makeup fanatics, we both quickly fell in love with this palette and the brand. I am excited to try their other palettes, such as their masquerade one.

What’s exciting about this brand is that they are affordable and they tend to have sales somewhat frequently.

The Zulu palette is on sale for $17.50, which is so affordable. The Masquerade palette is a little more, priced at $25, but it looks like it’s worth it. I love that the Masquerade palette has more browns and more shades with it. I’m definitely eyeing that one for my next purchase.

Make Up Look Using The Zulu Palette:

The first look I created with this palate kind of resembles a sunset (at least, I think so).

I used the orange shade as my transition shade and then used the purple shade for the eyelid space. The purple wasn’t exactly the purple I wanted, so I used a darker purple from a different palette.

Juvias Place Makeup Look

This look is so simple that I think anyone can do it. 🙂 If you’re feeling up to it, I think it looks beautiful with a winged eyeliner as well!

I realized I didn’t take a picture of the second look I created with this, but that one was also simple. I used the orange again for transition, then put the pink shimmery on my lid space and the bright pink on my lower lash line. It might sound crazy, but it looked so girly and cute! 🙂

I don’t know about you guys, but I love building up my “Make up” board on Pinterest, so if you’re like me, then pin this for later below!

Juvias Place Make Up Look

Anyways, that’s all. Have you guys tried Juvias Place? What do you guys think of them?

Until next time.






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