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Styled Stock Collection Photos | Review

I’ve been recently getting into more photography and trying to make the design of my blog more cohesive.

I struggle with this because I don’t quite have the artistic eye.

I think a good quality photo is so important for the internet or for your business.

But… as someone who is not so great at it, and is busy with other things, it can be hard to keep up with creating images for your business or blog.

I typically use Canva to create the images you see on this space, but it sure does take time to make it perfect.

Recently, I have been incorporating Style Stock Collection’s photos and it has made things so much easier and faster for me!

I am constantly juggling so many projects at once, and my time is very limited. With their beautiful pictures, I can easily have photos for my blog at my finger tips, without having to go through all the photos in Canva and try to make it more personable.

With Style Stock Collections photos, you get more personalized photos that are more blogger-friendly; especially if you are a lifestyle blogger!

I’ve been really enjoying them, and I think you guys will, too!

They have everything from layouts of tea, notebooks, flowers, plants and anything that will allow you to have the perfect image for to feature your blog posts!

They even have quotes for Instagram, so if you’re like me and love quotes, this makes it easy for you to pick one whenever you are looking for one. You can use their photos for your blog, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and really anything that will allow your business to take it up a notch!

This has made my life so much easier because now I don’t even have to think about it, and if I want to add texts to their photos, I can using Canva.

Where to find them?

  • If you guys are curious or want to check them out, you guys can visit their site here.
  • And this is their photo page!

Let me know what you guys think of their collection and what do you guys use for your featured images? Would love to know!




Should You Buy The New Aspyn Ovard Tarte Palette? | Review

Aspyn Ovard is one of the most successful YouTubers out there. Her channel is mostly  about lifestyle related topics, with the inclusion of occasional beauty related topics.

Tarte and Aspyn recently collaborated together to create a beautiful palette and I thought we should talk about it and review it.

I know this has been an overly hyped about palette and, although, I am not a big Aspyn follower, this palette grabbed my attention and I had to see what it was all about myself.

The Good:

The packaging is really what got to me as most products do. If a product has beautiful packaging, the brand has already convinced me 75% of  the way in buying their product.

This one has flowers all over it with beautiful rose gold interior. The mirror is huge and amazing to use. Most palette’s have smaller mirrors, which sometimes are not that useful and shouldn’t even be included. The shadows are beautiful colors and the gold one really stands out in my eyes.

I love that there is a blush and a highlighter in this palette, which makes this palette versatile and unlike any others.

Aspyn Ovard Tarte Palette Review

The quality of this is what you would expect from Tarte. It resembles the same quality as most of their eye shadow palettes, but some shades are harder to work with. Such as the “Heart of Gold” shade (the gold one) is beautiful, but has so much fall out. I couldn’t even use it with just a brush and had to wet my brush. Usually, I attempt to use glitter shadows first with a brush just to see the quality and this one was probably the worst one I’ve ever used. But once you do use it with a wet brush, it is a beautiful color.

These shadows blend pretty easily and beginner friendly as they are not too pigmented.

The Bad:

This palette is a neutral palette, so any gal that loves a natural, simple look will love the colors….. but they are too hard to work with because they are not pigmented enough. Don’t get me wrong, I love a neutral look, but I had to reach for other palettes to create a look that I wanted it. The shadows are too light that I don’t think many skin tones could use this.

I think a very light skin tone would be fine with this, but other than that, it’s too light for other skin tones. Furthermore, keep in mind, I am considered a light skin tone (when I am not tan), and I struggled big time!

The only colors that I loved from this is the “heart of gold” shade and the blush. Tarte always kills it with their blush, so that wasn’t a surprise.

Aspyn Ovard Tarte Palette Review

The darkest color in this is the brown shade, which wasn’t even dark enough. You couldn’t create a soft glam look with it, if that was something that you wanted, which I think is needed in a versatile palette.

As you can see from the swatches, I had a really hard time trying to make sure you could see them in picture. I had to apply a few coats to make sure it was visible.

Aspyn Ovard Tarte Palette Review

Is It Worth It?:

Overall, although the packaging is beautiful and I love the gold shade, I don’t think this is worth your money, especially priced at $39. I think you would be better off with a Naked palette, if you wanted a neutral palette with amazing quality. I know that’s so old school, but if you’re only looking to ad a few stable pieces to your makeup collection, urban decay is a must!

I understand if you are a follower of Aspyn and want to support her, then by all means, you should do that. But if you are in it for the makeup, then I think you can definitely save your money.

Side note: I went into Ulta to return this and the cashier lady was like “Girl, this palette sucks!”, and I keep hearing the same thing from other people as well!

What do you guys think? Did you try this palette yet? Let me know!



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