"The strongest action for a woman is to love herself, be herself and shine amongst those who never believed she could."


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Hey there! I’m Ozzy, the face behind Memoallure. I find inspiration in makeup, health, fitness, nature, culture, music, food and people. I’m always chasing dreams, whether that’s harnessing my ambition, planning my next adventure, or finding the perfect shade of lipstick to add to my crazy collection! I live for days that are warm…. well, mainly because I’m perpetually cold!

Here on Memoallure, you can find a place to call home. I want this place to be your happy place; a place to be your best self and to live out your best life. To help you achieve this, we talk about topics ranging from makeup, health, mindfulness and meditation. The whole mind, body and soul practice, while redefining beauty. Our aim is to give you confidence to live out this one life we have in the best and most extraordinary way!

I’ve been where you are; not feeling good enough, not having a clue what my passion is, trying to chase happiness which can feel like a hopeless cause and letting my anxiety/depression get the best of me. The good news is I found a way out. I harnessed my negative thinking and not feeling good enough. I did this by coming back home to my soul and it has been the most extravagant and most humbling experience. I can honestly say that I have tamed my anxiety and defined my definition of happiness. Happiness didn’t come to me because I have better conditions or reached that one goal, which is clich├ęd in thinking where happiness lies, but because I found my home, my heart and my soul through falling in love with life, writing, meditating, makeup and mindfulness. I want to share all of it with you because it is my calling and my purpose.

My only wish and hope for all of you is that you may feel your best self by taking care of your body and soul. We only have one life to live and at the end of your journey I want you to be able to say that your life was wonderful and scary, but also absolutely an amazing ride. I want you to say in confidence that:

“I lived with courage not fear.

I lived for all the memories and not things.

I lived for adventure and not just to get by.

I took chances and broke through my negative feelings.

For stories that I can tell my kids and grandkids.

I lived to see that there is beauty in everything and love is truly the one cure.

And most importantly, I lived for me and no one else!”

I want you to be able to say that YOU HAVE LIVED AND LIVED WELL. With knowing that all you have is perfectly enough and that you have the power to change your mindset and get closer to your souls calling.

Happy to have you here in our journey to get closer to our calling and purpose and to live a beautiful life; with inner and outer beauty. Please reach out with anything we can be helpful with.

XoXo, Memoallure

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”


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