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Advice from a CEO

Advice From a CEO

About a year ago I had the chance to sit down and have breakfast with a CEO. It was one of the most inspiring meetings I’ve had, albeit, I was joined with 20 other folks, but it was still such a memorable experience. To be that close to a person who’s had power and has…

zodiac and moon signs

What is My Zodiac and Moon Sign?

Growing up, particularly in my high school years, I used to obsess over zodiac signs. I found them to be intriguing and quite spot on. Or maybe I just had too much time on my hands as I wasn’t into sports nor felt like I had any other talents. Binge watching Lost got kind of…

Tips to Save Money On Fall Fashion

Fall is upon us and it is finally starting to get cold here in Boston. Not exactly happy about that fact as I am unceasingly cold, but I’m all for comfy sweaters, cute boots and warm jackets! As for fashion, I am a firm believer for quality over quantity. cute outfit ideasfall fashionfall favoritesfashionfashion tips

Worship Songs Playlist

My Favorite Worship Songs

I love listening to worship songs when I am in a mellow mood or after church on Sundays. The words sung are so beautiful and the melody is so calming. I believe when you do things to ground yourself and to connect with your core, it is a beautiful moment worth experiencing.  Every religion is…

My Liebster Award & Nominees

I am excited to announce I was nominated the Liebster award by a fellow blogger. I am honored and humbled to know she thought highly of this space! Thank you to Our Front Door Look In Gin Blog for nominating me! Make sure to visit Sara’s page for delicious recipes! I am particularly excited to…