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7 Eye Shadow Palettes I Own

Hi Guys,

Happy Friday and first day of September! I seriously cannot believe summer months are over 🙁 I am hoping we have a warm Fall. Also, I’m pretty excited for apple picking season and cider doughnuts 🙂

Today,  I wanted to talk about some of the eye shadow palette’s I own and how I use them! Continue reading “7 Eye Shadow Palettes I Own”

Anastasia Beverly Hills matte lipstick review

New Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipsticks Review

Today’s review is on the new matte lipsticks by Anastasia Beverly Hills. I think they did a great job with their liquid lipsticks with an amazing formula. In my opinion, the liquid lipsticks are better than any other ones out there, but these new matte lipsticks were pretty disappointing.

I originally did not want to do this review after finding out how much I did not like these lipsticks, but quickly found out that there is not many reviews out there and I need to help a girl out! I checked YouTube and the only reviews on it really were the people who got it as a PR package with all the 30 shades. None of them seemed to say anything negative about it, which perhaps because it was free for them and they did not want to ruin the partnership.

Since there are not many reviews on it, I wanted to save anyone the trouble of buying these without knowing what to expect. Obviously after you read my review, you are entitled to your own opinion and if you really want to try them then you do you, girl!

anastasia beverly hills matte lipstick review

I bought 9 of them myself and I plan on returning every single shade. I originally thought maybe I will keep the nudes, since they are more everyday colors, but I just couldn’t get past the texture and the formula.

ABH matte lipsticks review

Don’t get me wrong, these colors are beautiful. I really did want to like them and I was super excited when they arrived at my house. But I can’t get passed the dryness. They are CRAZY, unmanageable amounts of matte.  It was so hard to apply on my lips. I really had to use my muscles…TO PUT ON A LIPSTICK. They make your lips look extra dry as well. The one thing that really did it for me and made me not want to keep them is the inner part of your lip would not get any color on it no matter what. Usually the inner part of your lips is more wet and hard to apply lip color there, but these would not show any color at all. I am okay with applying the lipstick and then the color slowly fading, but it wouldn’t even apply in the first place!

ABH matte lipstick review

You can see from my swatches that they were really hard to apply! You can also see how broken these are. I think there are so many better products and brands out there that you can replicate the same colors with if you really liked a particular shade from this line. I don’t think these are worth your money.

Don’t get me wrong, I think ABH products are amazing, but I am starting to think they are a hit or miss type of brand. Again, just my opinion on it. Or maybe I am just not having any luck with it.

Hope you guys got some insight with this review and hopefully my next review will be more positive!

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Mac & Anastasia Makeup Haul & Review!

makeup haul

Mac lipsticks are always my go-to products, but it was time that I branch out and buy more of their eye shadows other than the one I have from my favorites list. I may have went all out and bought 5 of them…

Makeup Haul
From left to right: Steamy Frost, Humid Frost, Nylon Frost, Tempting Lustre, Brown Down

Yeah, I have a problem… I’m addicted to makeup. The first step of an addiction is admitting it, right? Thinking I’m in good place then. Let’s move on to why I bought that many all at once. As an esthetician, (or MUA, stylists, etc.) you get a discount from many companies. Here’s a full list here. I have a discount with MAC, so my impulsive buy didn’t cost me a fortune. I highly suggest you apply for the discounts (if applicable) – so worth it!

I bought these about a month or two ago and wanted to really test them out before I wrote a review! Verdict: I love them! The white one is officially my favorite highlighter for the inner corner of my eyes and to highlight my eyebrows. The browns (two on the right) go perfectly together. I’m not sure if you can see clearly the one on the right, but it’s a matte brown. I feel that a matte brown should be a stable for everyone.

Green eye shadows tend to go really well with hazel/green eyes as well as brown eyes, which is why I bought that one. It’s also a beautiful green. The blue on the left isn’t necessarily a color that matches my brown eyes perfectly, but I didn’t have a color like that and thought it would be nice to branch out and try different makeup looks with it. I feel like anyone with blue eyes would look stunning with that shade (Steamy Frost). I may test this out on my best friend Kelsie. She’s letting me test makeup on her this week, which I may share here if she lets me!

Overall, I loved the colors I chose and Mac eyeshadows get an A+ in my book. Now, I just want to buy more…

Makeup haul and review

I wanted to test some of Anastasia’s eye shadows as well as I have never purchased anything from them other than their eyebrow pencils. I am curious to try their renaissance palette. If anyone has tried it, leave a comment below to let me know if you would recommend it!

The individual palette’s were a bit of a disappointment. There is too much residue and fall out. The colors are beautiful which makes it somewhat worth it, but it is quite annoying. If I had to choose between MAC or Anastasia, MAC would be the winner, although, like I said interested to know if the palette does the same. On the positive side, with an eyeshadow primer and makeup setting spray, you should be good for having these eyeshadows be long-wearing. I don’t want to disappoint you or stop you from buying a shade you might be obsessed with! Just wanted to give you a warning!

The both of the gold colors are so beautiful and I chose the pink to branch out and do a different look! These are individual and the packaging comes for free when you buy 4.

makeup haul

I also had to try the highlighter palette from Anastasia by Nicole Guerrioro after all the hype about it. Conclusion: I like it… I don’t love it. Maybe because I went from Becca’s Champagne Pop highlighter to these ones. I had to leave my comfort zone with using Becca’s highlighter and try something new. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the different shades in the palette, which I think is great for any MUA who is working with different skin tones. I also like it because I can even wear these highlighters for work because it’s not too intense. The “Forever Lit” color is also great for the inner corner of the eyes.

Hope you guys learned something cool today and hope you got some inspiration to branch out with different colors like myself. 🙂

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“Makeup is a powerful way to effectively reveal something unique about your inner self.” – Unknown

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10 Makeup Brushes You Need

Happy FriYAY, guys! Super excited for this weekend because the weather here in Boston is looking pretty promising! Summer weather is taking its sweet time arriving here and ,although, today is a bit rainy here, it looks like it’s going to start getting nicer after today!

Anyways, I wanted to share my favorite, ride-or-die makeup brushes with you because you might be missing out if you don’t have these! And, I do not want you to have any sort of FOMO.

These makeup brushes are tried and true and whenever I pack my makeup for traveling, I have the hardest time letting go of any one of them (I usually end up bringing all of them!). Most of them are from Mac cosmetics, but I’m sure you could find dupes for cheaper. I am just obsessed with Mac brushes and I also have a discount with them because I am an esthetician, so it’s not too expensive on my end. This is just to give you an idea, so don’t feel the need to go out and buy expensive brushes. But if you must and can save to get these, then I’d highly suggest it 🙂

1.Mac 224 Tapered Blending Brush

Mac Makeup Brushes - Blending Brush

This is such a great blending brush. If you have any harsh lines, this will smooth it out and get rid of it. It’s super soft and easy to use. It makes things so much easier and quicker. It’s kind of what you need for convenience of how flawless it makes your look.

2. Mac 239 Eye Shader Brush

Best Mac Makeup Brushes

This is the most perfect eye shadow brush. I believe Sigma has a similar one, which I haven’t tried, but if you are looking for a dupe that is less expensive, I would say Sigma is a good brand to try. This is also very easy to use. I think that’s the point with Mac makeup brushes, they want to make your life easier and convenient, and who doesn’t want that? I love using this with my Mac Fix+ for a perfect shadow application. If you use those together, your eye shadow will not move for a very long time, which is great for a full day wear!

3. Mac 217 Blending Brush

Mac Blending Brush

The great thing about Mac brushes is that they will last you FOREVER. They’re not my ride-or-die makeup brushes for nothing! I’ve had this brush here for many years, and it’s still put together, applies so perfectly and hasn’t disappointed me!

4. Tarte The Buffer Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush

Best Makeup Brushes

This brush has been with me for a while as well. I think I got this when I was working at Ulta back in 2013 (Yeah, I know how did I survive there without buying the whole store?!). If I’m not using my beauty blender, then I am using this one. It definitely has a airbrush finish to it and looks flawless. I do wish it was a little smaller, so it would make applying easier, but it’s not a huge deal.

5. Nars Kabuki Ita Brush

Best Makeup Brushes

I’m sure you’ve heard of this brush, since every beauty guru praises it! It’s the perfect brush for contouring. I do know it is more on the expensive side so don’t feel the need to splurge. I’m sure you could save up for it or buy a dupe. If you do want to treat yo self, then YES, this is your dream brush! It’s an easy application and gives you a great line. Not great for nose contouring, but that’s another story for another brush, so that’s alright!

6. Mac 130 Short Duo Fibre Brush

Best Makeup Brushes

Okay, maybe this brush should’ve been up at number 1 because I’m pretty sure I can’t go anywhere without this brush. I use it for under my eyes with my tarte shape tape under eye concealer. It works great with liquid products and blends so nicely. It’s not big enough for foundation, but definitely amazing for smaller areas.

7. Real Techniques Powder Brush

Best Makeup Brushes

This one is my go to brush for bronzer application. It’s so fluffy and a great product for its price of only $8! It works great as a setting brush as well. Real Techniques is really a great dupe for many brushes, so if you’re not looking to splurge, I would highly suggest this brand.

8. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Real Technique Makeup Brush

I LOVE THIS ONE. This one is great for foundation application or under eye concealer. It’s a small head, which is great for a detailed use. It’s also very soft. I’ve been really into small brushes for applying my foundation and this is easily my favorite at the moment.

9. Real Techniques Retractable Kabuki Brush

Real Technique Makeup Brush

This is a great powder foundation brush or for blush or whatever you may need it for! It’s great fro traveling. It has a little cap for it. It’s also super soft. I love using it for my blush application.

10. Sephora Pro Airbrush Crease 31

Best Makeup Brush

Sephora has pretty decent options for makeup brushes as well. This one works well applying crease shadows, but more so on the top section instead of the side small area — if that makes sense. It’s a bigger brush, so it will give you a more coverage.

Alright guys, that is all! Hope you learned something cool today and have a wonderful Friday! Have a safe and fun weekend and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for a recipe post!

xx, Ozzy

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“If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.” – Coco Chanel



Top 5 All-Time Favorite Nude Lipsticks

Today we are talking all about nudes – shades of lipstick that is!

I don’t think I can leave the house without putting on one of these. I love how it transforms any dull look into looking like you actually took some time to do your makeup.

I’ll be honest though, I don’t like wearing a lot of makeup for work. Mainly because it’s not worth it, but also because I like giving my skin a chance to breath. I say that “it’s not worth it” because who are we really trying to impress at work? Really, I don’t understand office politics, so I like to be a rebel and not wear makeup because I am beautiful with or without it. 🙂

Although I don’t wear makeup, I do make sure I put on one of these lipsticks to give me some color to my face. It also looks very natural and down-to-earth. Nudes are my favorite shades because it’s so easy to wear everyday.

Too bad we can’t all be Rihanna and wear crazy lipsticks all the time. Wait, actually, no that goes against everything I believe. YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU PLEASE. Do whatever makes your little heart happy and makes you feel the most confident. Taking care of yourself and making sure you look your best everyday is part of a self-love and self-care routine. When you look your best, you feel the most confident and can accomplish so much more. That saying “Fake it ‘till you make it” usually works when you feel and look your best; which the meaning can differ for everyone!

Okay, I’ll stop rambling. Here are my top 5 nudes with swatches:

1. Faux – MAC


This is such a nice mauve tone and looks amazing on a lot of skin tones. I wear this one when I’m running late, and know I can depend on it looking good no matter what. This is my ride or die lipstick. If you think MAC lipsticks are a bit expensive, I would say that they are worth it because they last forever and are such great quality.

2) Cherish – MAC


I go back and forth with this one and Faux. They’re both my constant go-to everyday lipsticks. They just never fail me. They’re both such beautiful colors. I love this one because it’s a little more wearable than a mauve tone. It’s not too nude, just the perfect shade for everyday wear. No matter what type of eye makeup I’m wearing or not wearing, it looks great. It’s a nice neutral nude.

3) Raquel – Nars


I love the formula in this. It’s applies so smoothly and is very moisturizing. This collection is so amazing, you can’t go wrong with any shades from Nars, but this one in particular is such a unique color and a great nude. It has a more of an orange undertone, but it’s beautiful. I wear this when I want to spice up my nude lip look.

4) Lip Tensity Driftwood – MAC


This one’s another nice mauve color. I like how this one feels and is a bit more moisturizing. This is a newer one from their collection. I think it came out this past winter. It’s more of a darker mauve than Faux – which gives you a different variety.

5) Naked 2 – Urban Decay


This is a nudey-nude. What I mean by that is that this is a pale nude. Looks great for when you have smokey eyes or wearing heavier makeup on your eyes. This one’s also very moisturizing which is a plus.

Okay that is all. This was pretty hard to only choose only 5, but at the end of the day, these are the 5 I wear the most often. I didn’t list my current favorite, which is the MUFE I mentioned in my previous post, which you can check out here.

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope everyone has a nice weekend. Don’t forget to come back Sunday for Self-Care Series # 2!

xoxo, Ozzy

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“Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world”

Top Ten Holy Grail Makeup Products

Everyone has their go-to make up where you fully trust their outcome, when all else fails in life.

Make up has the power to transform, build confidence, and make any girl feel like they can accomplish anything. In my opinion, it’s part of a self-care routine. You care enough for yourself to take care of you and make YOU happy. It can also be a lot of fun. You can get creative with it, show your own unique personality, and a way to portray yourself to this world. It can transform you to feel your best self and everyone deserves to feel their best version of self!

Yes, you don’t need make up to feel confident, but a little mascara never hurt anyone. 🙂

Here are my go-to products:

1. Too Faced: Better Than Sex Mascara

If I had to choose one make up product I could use for the rest of my life, it would be mascara. It can transform any dull look or any “I haven’t slept in years” into a fully awake look, but when in reality you need an XXL coffee and a bed to hide from responsibilities! This one by Too Faced is seriously magical. It’s the best one I’ve tried, and I’ve gone through a lot. Whether that’s Mac, Sephora brands or drug store brands, this one beats them all! It gives you great volume and length. The only downside is that it does have fall out, so if that seriously bothers you then maybe this isn’t for you. It usually happens at the end of the day, which is fine by me.

2. MAKE UP FOREVER: Artist Liquid Matte #103

This liquid matte lipstick beats any other ones in the market. It doesn’t have weird lines after a few hours and it really is long lasting. It’s not too drying and is seriously perfect. This shade is so natural and the best nude I’ve ever tried. I wore this for 2 weeks straight, and it’s safe to say I’m obsessed! I can’t say anything but great things about this. It’s my favorite right now and I’m sure it will be for a while.

3. Tarte: Shape Tape Concealer

My go-to look usually only involves mascara, lip stick and under eye concealer. These three are the ones I tend to gravitate towards. It’s so easy and looks like you actually took a long time doing your make up when in reality it took you 5 minutes to put together. 🙂 This concealer by Tarte is so creamy and hides any fine lines. I love that it is long lasting and even hard to actually take off. A little tip – don’t wait too long to blend, once it’s dry there’s no going back.

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills: Brow Wiz

I feel like I don’t have to say much about this one. Everyone knows its a game changer, right? Okay, no problem if you didn’t know that. Don’t look any further for your eye brow game to be oh so strong, Anastasia is your girl!

5. Mac: Sweet Heat Eye Shadow

I usually tend to only use Mac products for their lipsticks, but this eye shadow is a stable of mine. The formula is so on point and if you use it with Mac Fix+ spray, this thing will not move and stay on all day. It’s all the good types of shimmer and a cross between copper and a goldish tone. I love this for a natural look and it can spice up your boring “mascara-concelear-lipstick” look.

6. Nars: Orgasm Blush

I’m pretty sure this works with all skin tones and never disappoints. It is such a natural look and gives you a nice touch of color. Boys may disappoint, but not this blush! Trust me, you need this in your collection. If I need to rush out of the house, but don’t want to look like a ghost, I will apply this for a flush of color!

7. Stila: Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

Long lasting, bold and worth every penny. It applies very easily and beats any other competitors. I am dedicated to this 100%. This one’s my ride or die eye liner.

8. Becca: Highlighter – Champagne Pop

You need a highlighter in your life and this one by Becca is everything you need and more. Its the right type of “Pop” and makes all your glitter dreams come true. Jacklyn Hill is also a binge-worthy YouTuber– so fierce and fabulous 🙂

9. Giorgio Armani: Luminous Silk Foundation

This is my new favorite and not sure why I was so late to the game. This seriously transforms your skin into a silky texture. It makes all your dewy skin dreams come true! It’s not full coverage, but it is build-able. Trust me, I always aim for full coverage foundations, but this changed my outlook on it. This is so natural and flawless!

10. Urban Decay: Naked 1 Palette

And lastly, oldie but a goodie. Naked palette by Urban Decay is a must have for every make up artist – beginners to advanced. It has all the right types of shimmers to neutrals. Seriously, I can always count on this palette. I know there are 3 other palettes out there with this collection, but this one is the winner.

Thanks for reading!

xx, Ozzy

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