Shoes You Need This Fall

The Shoes You Need This Spring

Shoes You Need This Fall

It’s officially Spring and longer days have officially commenced! 🙂

This time of the year is such an exciting time, and although, each season has its beauty, Spring always has one of the best feelings to it. Each season is an opportunity for new beginnings, to start something you’ve been wanting to start and to become who you want to be!

I am hoping the snow in Boston will come to an end, and warmer days are in the short future!

Is it cold where you guys are still? Or is it becoming Fall where you are? I’m curious to know!

Shoes You Need This Fall

Today, I wanted to talk about the new shoes I recently purchased for Spring/Summer. I am OBSESSED with them. I’ve been eyeing the See by Chloe Shoes, but I couldn’t get myself to spend that much on wedges (or at least not yet!).

Marc Fisher LTD Adalyn Suede Espadrilles • Marc Fisher •

MARC FISHER LTD ‘Adalyn’ Espadrille Wedge Sandal • Marc Fisher •

Urban Outfitters UO Striped Button-Down Plunging Midi Dress • Urban Outfitters •

Urban Outfitters UO Button-Front Linen Mini Dress • Urban Outfitters •

Urban Outfitters UO Satin Tie-Front Mini Dress • Urban Outfitters •

Urban Outfitters UO Tie-Front Button-Down Midi Dress • Urban Outfitters •

Urban Outfitters UO Empire Waist Cinched Romper • Urban Outfitters •

Compared to See by Chloe, these ones are much more affordable! 🙂 And honestly, they are equally as cute, if not more. I think these ones are more wearable, and they match everything!

You can wear them with jeans or this dress I’m wearing and looks cute either way!

I was stuck on buying either these green ones or the nude ones, but I decided to go with green since it goes great with denim! I will have to buy the nude later, too. 🙂

It could be great shoes for Easter (if you celebrate it!), because I think they go great with a yellow dress! And if you’re not wearing a dress, it’s a really cute spring color.

Shoes You Need This Fall

The nude ones are also gorgeous and will go with almost anything. These shoes are so comfortable, and for all my short ladies (like myself), it’s a great way to add some height, comfortably!

I honestly, just want to buy every color, but you know the bank account is telling me otherwise! I also am a responsible adult…I think….

Shoes You Need This Fall

Does anyone else think of the movie “In Her Shoes” whenever talking about shoes? I always think of the sister who says shoes always make you feel good no matter what. It’s so true! You can be at any point in your life, but shoes will always fit and will always empower you! I mean, if the sisters closet is not goals, then I don’t know what is!

Anyways, thanks for reading! Let me know what you guys are eyeing this Spring. 🙂

xx, Ozzy

Disclaimer: This is not sponsored by any of the brands I have mentioned above. If you would like to support my blog, then you can by purchasing something from any of the links I’ve provided, which I may receive a small commission for.  For full disclosure, please read this.

“Life is short. Buy the shoes.” – Unknown


Tips to Save Money On Fall Fashion

Fall is upon us and it is finally starting to get cold here in Boston. Not exactly happy about that fact as I am unceasingly cold, but I’m all for comfy sweaters, cute boots and warm jackets!

As for fashion, I am a firm believer for quality over quantity.

Fall Fashion Tips to Save Money
Shirt: Urban Outfitters Skirt: Madewell Shoes: Steve Madden Watch: Lulu’s

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Top 5 All-Time Favorite Nude Lipsticks

Today we are talking all about nudes – shades of lipstick that is!

I don’t think I can leave the house without putting on one of these. I love how it transforms any dull look into looking like you actually took some time to do your makeup.

I’ll be honest though, I don’t like wearing a lot of makeup for work. Mainly because it’s not worth it, but also because I like giving my skin a chance to breath. I say that “it’s not worth it” because who are we really trying to impress at work? Really, I don’t understand office politics, so I like to be a rebel and not wear makeup because I am beautiful with or without it. 🙂

Although I don’t wear makeup, I do make sure I put on one of these lipsticks to give me some color to my face. It also looks very natural and down-to-earth. Nudes are my favorite shades because it’s so easy to wear everyday.

Too bad we can’t all be Rihanna and wear crazy lipsticks all the time. Wait, actually, no that goes against everything I believe. YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU PLEASE. Do whatever makes your little heart happy and makes you feel the most confident. Taking care of yourself and making sure you look your best everyday is part of a self-love and self-care routine. When you look your best, you feel the most confident and can accomplish so much more. That saying “Fake it ‘till you make it” usually works when you feel and look your best; which the meaning can differ for everyone!

Okay, I’ll stop rambling. Here are my top 5 nudes with swatches:

1. Faux – MAC


This is such a nice mauve tone and looks amazing on a lot of skin tones. I wear this one when I’m running late, and know I can depend on it looking good no matter what. This is my ride or die lipstick. If you think MAC lipsticks are a bit expensive, I would say that they are worth it because they last forever and are such great quality.

2) Cherish – MAC


I go back and forth with this one and Faux. They’re both my constant go-to everyday lipsticks. They just never fail me. They’re both such beautiful colors. I love this one because it’s a little more wearable than a mauve tone. It’s not too nude, just the perfect shade for everyday wear. No matter what type of eye makeup I’m wearing or not wearing, it looks great. It’s a nice neutral nude.

3) Raquel – Nars


I love the formula in this. It’s applies so smoothly and is very moisturizing. This collection is so amazing, you can’t go wrong with any shades from Nars, but this one in particular is such a unique color and a great nude. It has a more of an orange undertone, but it’s beautiful. I wear this when I want to spice up my nude lip look.

4) Lip Tensity Driftwood – MAC


This one’s another nice mauve color. I like how this one feels and is a bit more moisturizing. This is a newer one from their collection. I think it came out this past winter. It’s more of a darker mauve than Faux – which gives you a different variety.

5) Naked 2 – Urban Decay


This is a nudey-nude. What I mean by that is that this is a pale nude. Looks great for when you have smokey eyes or wearing heavier makeup on your eyes. This one’s also very moisturizing which is a plus.

Okay that is all. This was pretty hard to only choose only 5, but at the end of the day, these are the 5 I wear the most often. I didn’t list my current favorite, which is the MUFE I mentioned in my previous post, which you can check out here.

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope everyone has a nice weekend. Don’t forget to come back Sunday for Self-Care Series # 2!

xoxo, Ozzy

For full disclosure, please read this.

“Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world”