apps i cannot live without

Apps I Cannot Live Without

This is a post to say that technology is cool. I tend to gravitate towards saying technology is taking away our inner peace, but in this case — it is allowing us to be more organized, better planners and less stressed. 

There are overwhelming number of apps out there these days that it’s truly hard to choose one that works best for you or find one that will help you the most. 

The following are ones that I have found to be most useful and the ones that I could not delete if I had to for extra storage. 

Without further ado, here are my favorite apps:

1.      Chill

This one is good if you are trying to practice mindfulness each day and need a reminder throughout the day. It will send you as many reminders throughout the day as you choose and will allow you to come back to your center. I absolutely love this one. It also has quotes each day, which are mindfulness related and it really brings you so much peace just by reading it and applying it to your day.

2.      Word Swag

Love this one for creating quotes on pictures. It comes with many pictures you can choose from and then you can either enter a quote you choose yourself or there are automatic options they have for you. You can type it any way you like. If you check out my Instagram account, you will see what I mean.

3.      Smart Ride

This one I use for when I am using the bus/train for work or any other time. It tells you exactly what time your bus/train will be arriving. It’s very convenient. You can also plan trips. For example, if I am going to a place I’ve never been and need to be at that location at a certain time, I can enter that time and location and it will tell me what time I need to leave my house and what time I will get there. I like this for when I don’t know where I’m going as it tells me how to get there.

4.      Prime Photos

I love this for storing my photos. If I need to delete photos due to storage needs, I will dump all my pictures on my phone in this app and can go back to them whenever I’d like. It’s convenient and if I were to lose my phone or break it, I can always count on having my pictures be in here.

5.      Simple Habit

This guided meditation app has stuck with me. It’s not that it is particularly the best, but I’ve really gotten used to. I love this for a quick and convenient meditation practice, for days that I do not want to do it myself. It’s easy and helpful.

Hope this was helpful. Have a wonderful weekend!

 xx, Ozzy

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