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10 Morning Affirmations for Happiness, Love + Positive Energy

Good morning beautiful people! ♥

Mornings are my favorite — if you couldn’t tell by now! I love waking up early and having the mornings to myself to improve my well-being.

One of the habits that I used to have, which I am slacking, is saying affirmations in the morning. It sets a good tone for the day and allows for a positive start!

I would recommend meditating for at least one minute before saying these as to calm your mind and get your body ready to feel these out even more strongly.

By saying these affirmations out loud, you really allow your brain to digest what you are saying and believe it to be true. As silly as some of it may seem, give it a chance and watch it do its magic overtime. And honestly, when is the last time you called yourself beautiful? I think you should start now!  Continue Reading →

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Guest Post by Hayley Beth: 5 Ways I Learnt to Live With My Anxiety

Hey guys, today I am doing something a little different and have a guest post by a fellow blogger. I want to say thank you again to Hayley for sharing this with us and I hope you guys get something from this. I can definitely relate to anxiety and hope how Hayley’s way of coping with anxiety is helpful for you all. xxoo

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