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December Spotify Playlist

December Spotify Playlist

Hey guys! I am loving this month… something about this month and the holiday season is just so magical and calming. Everyone is more giving and so much more loving it seems. The thing that helps out the most I believe is the holiday music! Of course, all the decorations help as well and if…

Fall Spotify Playlist

Fall Spotify Playlist – 2017

Hey there ❤ If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have guessed that I am big into music. I love how songs can change someone’s attitude or mood within a few seconds and really make you get out of your head. On the contrary, if you ask me to sing a song along,…

Improve Mood with Happy Songs

10 Songs to Put You in a Better Mood

#ThrowbackJams For the month of June, I want to focus on positive vibes and happiness, and what better way to do that than with music that’ll automatically put you in a better mood. Science has suggested that listening to nostalgic music will put you in the mood you were in when you first listened to…