zodiac and moon signs

What is My Zodiac and Moon Sign?

Growing up, particularly in my high school years, I used to obsess over zodiac signs.

I found them to be intriguing and quite spot on. Or maybe I just had too much time on my hands as I wasn’t into sports nor felt like I had any other talents. Binge watching Lost got kind of old and I headed towards a different obsession and that was zodiac signs.

Many people don’t give zodiac signs the time of day because they think they are not real and are made up. Especially in high school, I felt like no one cared and there was little me trying to talk to people about it and no one cared. So, I decided to keep it to myself. Now, a lot of my friends are into it, I’m like really, you couldn’t have cared when I was obsessed with them!? Continue reading “What is My Zodiac and Moon Sign?”